It was well into the early morning when I finally got my friend NR off the phone. I needed to be up soon to be on the computer doing my bureaucratic duties with the government agency where I make my daily bread.

 Hell, sometimes I wonder why I bother with NR she is a drama Queen and something negative is always happening to her. She doesn’t listen to anyone, she procrastinates in everything she does and doesn’t want to take personal responsibility and make the decisions she needs to make. She is one of those people who sucks the energy out of you and take up your time talking about her situation and asking what she should do, instead of just making a decision. I understand, that there is a fear of failure; but I keep telling her she has to do something, not just stay still and cry about the situation instead of making a move to resolve the issue.

 Many of her so called friends abandon her and most of her family is estranged from her. Now it is getting to a point where I am was thinking about how I can server ties with her. It is getting too much dealing with her.

She is also the type of person that can mess you up if you go out of your way to help her. She is also the type that when one issue is resolved she has another issue. It is never ending. Never some sort of satisfaction or a sense of realization in anything. The attitude is bad, the self-esteem is low, confidence is low and she is an energy Vampire, a toxic woman.

Then my mind ran on MA the Indian woman I met the other day. She also is having some sort of personal drama. Not as outlandish as NR’s but rather a psychological battle within herself; she is a confused woman.

She is conflicted with being a devoted Muslim and meeting family expectations; but wants to be free and be her own woman; yet, she is afraid of getting hurt. When she expresses her desires it is riddled with conflicts of how she is living, how she wants to live and boundaries of being a devoted Muslim woman.

Despite these things running through my head I was feeling relaxed and laying on my right side. I’m not sure how much time passed by before I started to see something that resembled a projector screen. There was some sort of film being played on an old movie projector and it was projected on the screen.

It looked like a street how it would appear during the olden days circa 1800’s. The street had those tracks that trams used. The picture was in black and white. Then I felt that the whole set up was a distraction.

  I felt some sort of intrusion on my right side below my arm pit. At first I thought nothing of it, but it felt as though someone was squeezing me below the arm pit. Then I felt on my left side that some sort of instrument being inserted in my arm. This is when I started to resist.

I pulled out the instruments; I pulled out the restraints and threw them on the floor.  I detected the presence of beings attempting to put the restraints back on my arms. I resisted again and threw the restraints back on the floor. I refused to cooperate in any type of physical exam. This went on twice, before the beings retreated. I don’t know if it was a total retreat, or they took a subtle approach. But I am weary of being prodded with pins and needles.

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