The Bum

In this experience I was walking in a crowd of people crossing the street; when I got to the curb, it was like a little stair case that you had to climb to get off the curb to go on the pavement. While I was climbing up the little stairs, I felt someone touching my right arm. When I looked, I saw that my watch was gone. Some master thief was able to lift the watch from my wrist without me noticing.

When I noticed the watch was gone, and I turned to the right to see if I can spot the perpetrator among the crowd of people.  Suddenly, I saw my Nephew C walking next to me, and he showed me that he was in the possession of my watch.

It was a funny thing because in reality I wear my watch on my left hand, not my right hand.

Then the scene changed, I was in a room sitting among some friends hen a conversation came up concerning my Nephew’s C’s father P.B; that I told his Mother (my sister) that she should not have co-signed for him to get the car because PB is a bum. Yet, his mother and the other circle of friends did not like that I called P.B a bum, even though he is one. I stood my ground, saying that he isn’t the ideal person to trust.   

Ironically, the scene mirrored events that took place; the fact that I warned my Sister not to get in a relationship with P.B because he is a bum and don’t care about anyone’s feelings but his own. Unfortunately, like most people, when it comes to the affairs of the heart concerning the desires of romance she did not listen. Entered into the relationship that produced my Nephew C but in the long run the heart took a beaten due to P.B’s infidelity along with her credit rating after P.B defaulted on things that she co-signed on his behalf. On the outside looking in a bum will always act like a bum.    

The scene shifted again; I was with another friend W.S and we were talking about getting together with this girl and there was the feeling that I got when I used to hang around with those guys (P.B & W.S); thinking that I am beneath them because they were sleeping with more women then I was. It just reminds me of one of the reasons why I don’t want to hang out or rarely go to any reunions with those guys and the circle of friends; one cannot hang with a group of people who harbors a low opinion of you. I’m not too keen to even speak with them occasionally.

All these feelings came up in this experience; I don’t really know why or for what purpose.

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