I had the conscience of a person from the support residence from my second gig. The conscious was downloaded into a device. The person in question was S F; it seems that she got sick and her body was dying so to save her as a person, technology was used to download her conscience. I was given the portable storage case that contained her conscience for safe keeping.

Since I had possession of the storage case I took it home; it was in my pants pocket; then I heard S F crying, saying that she was lonely. I told her not to worry, that she is safe and that I was bringing her daughter and her mother to come and visit her.

Later on the mother and the daughter came and visited; and they were talking to her. But when it was time for them to go; I told S F that she will be taken care of until a new body can be found for her. I saw that the storage case was being put into a storage facility along with the other portable storage cases filled with the other people’s conscious.

After that there was some sort of a theme where the conscious of people stored in the storage cases were being downloaded into living people. Now there are two types of conscious inhabiting the body of the living people who were loaded up with the additional conscious.

The two conscious in one body had to have an agreement. One will take over the body during the day time hours; and the other conscious takes over the body at night.

 But the problem here is that the body needs a rest period. Without the body having a rest period; the body burns out and dies leaving the two conscious without a body and they have to be stored. Then the process of finding a new living host to download will have to be done. But there will be an inconvenience because the addition of the conscious of the host whose body dies because it was exhausted need to be placed.    

Then there was a revelation where it was revealed how the transfer of conscious can be done. It is done through a high charge of electricity. The electricity will hold the conscious; . if a living body is exposed to the electrical charge that is holding another conscious; then that conscious is transferred into the body. Inside the storage cases, it is designed to have a high charge of electricity. The outside of the case is insulated so that whoever is handling it won’t be exposed to the electricity and conscious. The encased conscious can transmit it thoughts and desires to those who are within a certain range of the storage case.     

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