Parking Lot

            In this experience, it started out with me observing myself working the night shift at the second gig; I saw that I was outside the entrance door. The gate to the parking lot was closed. There was some type of commotion going on outside the building’s gated perimeter. Then it was calm again; then I saw a Cop walk up to the building’s entrance.  He wanted to know if everything was all right. I told him everything was good. Then he said he is going to check out what is happening in a very dark corner of the building.

There was some sort of commotion again, and a Police car pulled up to the entrance of the parking lot; so, I opened the gate so that the Police car can come into the lot. The Police car did not park in the parking slots in the lot. It was parked on the curb parallel to the building’s garden perimeter. The Cops that were in the Police car also went over to the dark corner where the other cops were.

The gate to the parking lot was left open; then a SUV pulled into the parking lot. The driver sees the Police car, and turned in a manner that it was adjacent to the Police car, then he backed up the SUV, and  T-boned the Police car, pushing it over the curb and into the garden’s embankment, and laid it on its side. Then the SUV drove away and went out the gates.

Once outside the gate the vehicle was double parked directly in front of the parking lot entrance. Then suddenly, it drove back into the parking lot and slammed into my car wrecking it on the spot.

The Police heard the commotion of what took place, with how their car was put out of commission. The Police were looking to arrest the truck’s Driver, but they could not. The truck Driver is a known mentally ill person.

Then I saw a figure running up the stairs to the building’s entrance doors where I was standing. As the Driver got closer to me, I could see his face. A clean-shaven man, with a thick mustache. Hell, he looks like an Iraqi. A face that I have seen before in other dreams.

The seen shifted to the lobby in front of the security desk. The Cops were told to leave the Driver alone because he is under OMH (office of mental hygiene) supervision. The cops said that they just wanted to know what happened.

The Police came and took their car; my car was not taken, the wreck stood where it stands. I could not touch it because it was held for evidence. The neighborhood kids started to play with the disabled vehicle.

The scene shifted; I was driving a vehicle that resembled the cock pit of a 5-ton truck. I took it to some sort of celebration, or library. There was some type of party going on. Something to do with completing a course. Then there was some type of discussion as to where I got my notes. It was from a small book that I had in my pocket. People wondered how I managed to get information from that tiny book. On the way back home, I picked up a stray cat that I used to feed and said that I am taking it home after feeding it. Two other cats appeared to me while I was driving….

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