Hornet Attack

Had this strange experience, maybe it was a lucid dream or perhaps an out of body experience. It is hard to judge, especially when the sights and sounds were vivid. It is amazing that there were some futuristic themes.  

It started off by me being part of an expeditionary group on another planet. We had some enhanced physical abilities; perhaps because of the plant’s environment. We were supposed to be on a mission to do something; whatever we had to do wasn’t clear. But I had a feeling that the planet’s government did not want us there, so we were restricted to going to certain parts of the planet. We did not know what to expect.

We were in a forest area; the forest was thick in vegetation growth, the trees were tall and thick.  One tree that we came across had something on it, so was stopped to investigate what it was. We saw a large object in the tree’s branches. When a team member went up into the tree’s branches, he somehow he disturbed what looked like to be a hornet’s nest, a very big one at that.

The nest was big, and when it was disturbed it fell from the tree and hit the ground. The hornets came out to defend the nest. The size of these hornets was Huge, giants compared to the largest hornets on earth. By the looks of it the hornets were preparing to sting us. The size of the stinger looked like a pole that if it were to penetrate us and inject us with the hornet’s venom we would be killed. But there were lots of them coming out the nest. Someone needed to be the bait to lure them away.

Since I could fly, I decided to be the bait and lure them away from everyone else. This would give time for the group to move away from the hornet’s nest.  If these hornets behave like the hornets on earth, when we are a certain distance away from the nest, the hornets will break off the attack, and go back to their nest once they perceived the threat is gone.

The hornets took the bait, and they started to chase me. But I did not anticipate that the hornets were fast. I circled round in the general area until the group moved a good distance away from the nest. Then I flew higher so that I could be a good distance away from the nest, that way the hornets will break the attack and return back to the nest.

Instead of the hornets breaking off their pursuit and going back to their nest, they still kept on coming for me. The higher I flew, the higher they flew, so I started to fly away further from the nest. But they were still pursuing me at a great speed.

Eventually, I flew a distance that took me out of the forest, now I was flying over a big ocean, I was going very fast, and the giant hornets were flying just as fast, so fast, that they were on my tail. If I should somehow reduce speed, I would be toast.

I flew across the ocean at a height that I could see that it didn’t have waves but had a current like a river. Then I came to the edge of the ocean where there was a big drop off. An ocean water fall that was very big as far as the eye can see. The ocean fall it looked very spectacular, and vivid. Even the sound of the water falling down. Perhaps if someone ever been to a great water fall like the Niagara Falls, or the Victoria Falls and hearing the water rush may have an idea what is being described.   

My guess that there may not be anything on that planet beyond the great ocean fall; I never flew down to see if the ocean is falling into an abyss, or that another ocean was at the bottom of the falls. It looked a long way down, and I didn’t have the luxury to satisfy my curiosity, because the giant hornets were on my tail.  

I decided to fly in another direction, with the hornets still on my tail, I came across a great city. As I was passing through the city, I looked down and saw that the city had some sort of mass public transportation system; and saw city inhabitants looking up at me being chased.

Then I got a transmission message; it was from the planet’s government. They never wanted me to see the city, but they understood that I was in danger, being chased by the hornets, and that I came across the city by pure chance. Even though they never wanted me to discover the city, they decided to assist me.

The transmission message told me the only way to get the hornets to stop from chasing me, is to find some food to distract them; otherwise they would not stop until they eliminate who they were chasing.

The transmission explained that the giants’ hornets like to eat a plant that is similar to earth’s cabbage. the planet’s gov’t directed me to a warehouse where cabbage is stored. Once I got there, everything was already set up; all I had to do is fly into the warehouse, and when the hornets smell the cabbage, they will stop their pursuit and eat it.  

I had no choice but to take the planet’s gov’t word that they are assisting me; because eventually, I may get tired and drop speed and become the hornet’s victim.

I followed instructions and flew through the hole in the warehouse’s roof.  The hornets followed me into the warehouse; sure enough, once inside, their attention turned to the cabbage and they broke off the pursuit to feast.

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  1. Just like me – I can be distracted from anything at all by food! That was an interesting one. I sometimes dream dreams a bit like that to do with other planets etc.

    We used to have a hornets’ nest in our garden when we were kids and we used to poke in it with a stick. When they eventually got fed up of us and all came out, my poor brother was the one they picked to chase. He got pretty badly stung!

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