For the Love of Country & Chicken

Had to ponder about this experience; one should say it was a two tier event; but the question is did one part have any relation to the other?

I was laying on my left side, perhaps in a semi sleep state, or in between the sleep and wake stage, when I started to see images, and feel, and heard what were associated with those images.

It was like I was just inserted in the event that was already in progress. It is interesting that when I was inserted into the events, I could see it through my own eyes.

In progress, I was chasing someone, perhaps I was some sort of bounty hunter, or agent. Whoever I was chasing ended up going into a banquet hall where some sort of festivities was taking place. There were tables, as well as the food tables and people on the floor dancing.  

I saw the double doors open and whoever I was chasing ran into the banquet hall. When I entered the doors, I could see that the people on the dance floor moving and started making an opening for whoever I was chasing to run through to the other side of the banquet hall. My guess that there is another set of doors where he can exit. The people on the floor stayed parted so that I can also run through. I could tell that they were not happy that the banquet was interrupted. I even thought that they may intervene to stop the chase, but they did not.

While whoever I was chasing ran in the banquet hall, I lost sight of him, but can detect that he was still in the banquet hall. Instead of running, I was walking through the hall, the banquet attendees were parted, and I had a crowd on my left and right side watching me. But the funny thing about this is when I was walking, I could hear the echo of my footsteps on the stone floor, as if the banquet hall was empty.

Then a group of Soldiers entered the banquet hall from the opposite side of the hall from where I entered. I ran into the Soldiers, just before I reached the exit doors. Maybe they were sent to quell the disturbance. I felt that they were there to stop me.

When I was face to face with the Soldiers, they suddenly fell into a formation. Then this is when I felt that I recognized the Commander who was at the head of the formation. The Commander’s face looked like Sammy Davis jr. I was glad to see him.

I walked up to the Commander and greeted him, hugged him; and turned to his Soldiers and said, “do you know that your Commander is a bad ass Soldier; Yeah, I owe him my life. Did you know what he did? Let me tell ya”

While I was telling the Soldiers the event that me and the Commander were involved in, the scenery changed to the environment that I was describing.

I said, “we were in a building, and it was surrounded by the enemy. We were having a fire fight, we were out manned and out gunned, and pinned down.”

Strangely, the room that we were pinned down in, looked like a combination of the banquet hall, and the rubble of a bombed-out shell of a building. I saw the bullets of the enemy fire ricocheting off the debris filled table.

But, there were banquet tables full of  food surrounding the part of the room that looked like a bombed out shell of a building. Ironically, the part of the building where the ring of banquet hall tables where was in color. While the part of the building that looked like a bombed-out shell of a building  where me and the Commander was pinned down by enemy fire was in black and white.

Pinned down by enemy fire, with no hope of escaping, I said to the Commander, “I’m hungry, I’m going over there to get some chicken. Cover me.” I ran from one table to the other, dodging the enemy fire bullets, while the Commander was returning fire. I finally got over to the banquet table. When I got to the banquet tables, the food looked vivid, and in color, I even saw the gravy dripping off the roast chicken. Kneeing down while keeping my head down, so that the enemy fire won’t hit me, I tore off a piece of chicken from the whole roast and started eating it.

While eating the chicken, this is when I heard a shot and a bullet whiz past my ear; and I heard a thud, as if someone behind me fell.

When I looked over my shoulder, I saw that two enemy Soldiers, laid dead. The Commander shot and killed them before they could get to me.

Then I stood up and asked, “wow, you killed two Soldiers with one shot. I cheated death.” When I was standing, I saw two bullets hit my torso, but I was fading back to the next scene, so the bullets went right through my as I was fading.

Now the scene was back to the banquet hall, in front of the formation of Soldiers, I said to the Soldiers, “would you know, this motherfucker got two kills, one shot, what are the odds. I am indebted to him; I hope that I can repay it one day. You are a bunch of lucky motherfuckers to have him as your commander.” 

Then it seemed that I came out the dream state, because my eyes were open, and in fact I knew I was awake, and thought that my subconscious gave me a theme to write a short story of what I just experienced.  I even thought of the story’s title which I was going to call, “For love of Country, God and Chicken.” It sounded really amusing.

Then I decided to turn to my right side. When I was turning, halfway into the turn, I felt an object on the bed. I thought I had taken up the stuff that was on the bed before I laid down. Perhaps I missed something because something is there.

It was a roll of folded white paper, perhaps sketching paper, or something to write on. The paper unfolded like a map and when I was folding the paper back; while that was going on, I felt and actually saw an arm brush from my biceps, and shoulder. It felt scaly and sent a chill up my spine, that brought up a feeling of fear, because of the element of surprise.

The chill through my spine and the fear generated by the element of surprise left me paralyzed. I couldn’t move momentary; it took a few minutes until I conquered the fear, and the paralysis was released. I found that I was able to turn around, but by then it was too late. Whatever was there was long gone, so was the roll of paper.

This left me angry, and I said, “you motherfucker, I know you can hear me.”  These spirits tricked me again; they cannot do anything overtly anymore, because of my awareness, they have to resort to tricky and the element of surprise. They are reminding me that they are still around. My thoughts were to get some sage smudge sticks to cleanse the room.  

What a Halloween moment…

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