I don’t know what to make of this dream. But it seems that the T.V programs that we watch also have an influence on the construction that the subconscious makes.

In this instance I started watching Arrow after seeing the character Green Arrow on Smallville. I thought Arrow was a spin off from Smallville, but it had a different actor play the character, and somewhat of a different story line.

In Smallville, Lex Luthor’s father had an influence on Green Arrow’s family and his disappearance; in Arrow the Luthor’s, have nothing to do with the Green Arrow’s family.

 Incidentally, I used to have a couple of Green Arrow comic books while growing up. It wasn’t something I would go out of my way, and seek, like I did buying the Justice League or Superman comics. It was one that I would buy one from time to time, when I see it on the shelves.

The difference that these superhero programs stress, is that the superhero is part of a team. In the comic books, the Superhero always worked alone. So once again Hollywood has flipped the script and redefined the original concept of an idea; this time our superheroes.   

The dream was kind of distorted, I know that I was having some type of conflict with scavengers. That I locked them out from entering my home.  

Then there was a an abrupt change of scene; I was in some sort of dorm. I saw image of someone I know from my High School years. The person was WD; we were in some sort of dorm and it was time to go downstairs to go on the dinner line.

The downstairs looked like the corridor from my primary school. We were on one side of the swing doors; while there was a crowd on the other side of the swing doors. The crowd were the other students coming to line up to get their dinner. Me and WD didn’t want to wait on that long line. We came downstairs early so that we wouldn’t have a long wait before it is our turn to get the meal.

I don’t think the outcome was favorable, I never did see us at the end of the ling getting the meal.

The scene shifted again; this time to an isolated homestead and the person, that I had the conflict with looked like the Arrow character. The reason, why we had the conflict is too distorted to make any conscious sense out of it.

We were in some sort of cave, I saw him lying on the ground injured. Instead of leaving him there, I carried him out of the cave back into civilization.

After that he was talking about the reasons why he isolated himself; but as soon as I got up, those reasons left my mind, and I cannot recall them.

But the kicker to this, is that I saw the Arrow character figure was getting married, and him and his wife were staying at the homestead…I was not a participant in the wedding, I was observing the events.

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  1. All my life, I’ve always been absolute FRONT of the dinner line! It’s a wonder I’m not hugely fat as I was often the last to leave the room too – 3 puddings were the norm until I reached my 50s when I had to watch it a bit!

    Interesting how the comic books and the TV series have taken completely different slants on the superheroes. I suppose the TV series are trying to get a social message across…


    • Personally I hate standing in line; In lower grade school I was indifferent about it because there was no choice. When I got to High School I would wait until the line was almost to the end before I went on it.
      In the Army, I either made sure I was one of the first on line, or waited until the line is down to the last ones before getting on it…
      Yeah, some times Hollywood completely changes the superhero’s personality as well as their life circumstances. Mostly focusing intermate relationships


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