Cup of Coffee

This dream experience had a touch of reality, but for some unknown reason the real-life character that appeared in the dream was someone whom I least expected to be. In fact there was no real relationship with this person. The only dealing that I had with this person was to give out her medication, and in some cases, supervise her according to her behavior, or interactions with people in a support house for the mentally ill.

The dream started out when I was outside in the street; I saw A, one the residence at my second gig working at the Support House where I dispense medication to mentally ill residents. A surrendered her room because she refused management’s demands that she attend a substance abuse rehabilitation program for her substance abuse behavior.

A expressed that she would rather smoke crack and live on the street rather than compile with demands that she attend the rehabilitation program. That she enjoys the feeling that smoking crack gives her and accused the Support House program Director of being jealous of her.

I’m probably going to feature this situation as part of my Psych Ward Chronicles series in the near future.

Anyway, back to this experience; now that A is on the street, sleeping, wandering around and prostituting herself, I saw that she made her way to the block where I live. She was now on my block pan handling and pestering people for money.

She approached my Father, and he was going to give her some money. I told him to stop, not to give her anything because she will only take the money to buy crack.

A went and sat outside in a small space between two buildings located on the upper part of the block. Then I saw M, another homeless woman. This woman often sleeps on the grounds of the support house. Now she was sitting next to A; they covered themselves up with a blanket.

Then the scene shifted; I was riding my bike, but then the bike had problems moving. I saw that the front wheel tires had a blowout. I couldn’t ride the bike without the front wheel having tires.

Lucky for me I was near a bike shop. But when I got to the bike shop I saw that the shop was closed. They moved location to another street.  I got the name of the new location as being Graham and Pitt Avenue.

Then I saw two other bicycle riders, they pulled up to the store. One of them asked me for directions. I didn’t exactly know the exact location of those streets, but I knew which direction to go to get to the streets. I pointed out which direction to go.

Then the other bicycle rider said that he wished he had GPS on his phone. Since I had my phone, I volunteered its use so that we can know the exact location of the streets.

When I went to pull up the map app, the cell phone battery fell on the ground; I saw that the battery doesn’t fit in the back of the phone anymore.

Then my phone fell on the ground and when the phone hit the ground the insides came out.  I picked it up and was putting the pieces back in the phone’s shell. After I finished there was a piece left over. I don’t know which part of the phone it belonged too.

I took the phone to a corner bodega with the hopes of getting it repaired. But the bodega’s clerk gave me a shopping bag filled with T shirts and freshly baked cakes.  The t-shirts were expensive. I went back to the bodega and asked the clerk what’s going on. There were a line of kids getting shopping bags with the same type of t shirts and freshly baked cakes. I looked at the t shirt in my bag to see if it was in my size.

Sure enough, the t shirts were my size. I went to my building where I live, and when I was opening the front door, an old lady with a shopping cart was looking at me. I don’t  know why? Maybe she knew me or wanted me to help her.

When I opened the door, I saw my brother T come down. He came to help the old lady, saying something about Grandma.

Then I looked at my bag, suddenly, the contents of the bag made it too heavy to carry, plus there was a hole in the bag. Several items fell out onto the floor. The freshly baked cake package opened. Then I saw myself picking up the items that fell on the floor before I lose them.

 The next scene appeared; I was driving in my car, and I wanted to make a left turn; but was prevented from doing so. I saw the tires of a tractor trailer; it was forcing me to take a right turn into a truck stop parking lot.

After I was made to turn into the parking lot; I came out my car. The truck driver was on his way home. I cussed him out but the insulting words didn’t faze him.

I was walking away from the parking lot because my car was too damaged to drive. When I heard the truck driver asked if I could buy him some coffee.

I wasn’t going to do it at first; but I decided to buy him the coffee; after all, I don’t hold grudges.

A diner happened to be on the corner. When I went in the diner and went inside, I saw that it looked like a small living room.

I asked for two cups of coffee. The counter was a desk, and the person behind the desk, asked me if I don’t see the coffee station. Then I saw another desk in the corner with a jug of coffee and cups.

I made two cups of coffee, one for me and the other for the truck driver, I took the coffee outside and gave a cup to the truck driver….

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  1. I have to admit that I never give money to homeless people. If I decide to give them anything, I give them food and drink. They usually look p***d off because that isn’t what they wanted but it’s what’s good for them so they get it!

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