Bad Character

I was relaxing watching Smallville on Hulu; I’m now on the last season. I was a bit tired, because of my irregular sleep patterns during the last couple of days.

Working remotely has its perks, but it also has its cons. The con being that you stay in the house, and do no real activity outside. It gets you kind of lazy sometimes.

So while watching this particular episode of Smallville, I drifted off to a kind of semi sleep. Perhaps in between the sleep and awake stage. Something common in my experience.

All this means that I could hear what is going on around me as though I’m awake. Plus, I see, feel and hear the images in dreamland.

Would what I am hearing in the environment have an influence on what my subconscious constructs? Well, I’m still exploring that notion.

The dream itself was kind of distorted. It involved a childhood friend of mine. DM; I haven’t seen him in years, he isn’t on social media, so I don’t know what the adult face looks like. I probably won’t even recognize him if I was to pass him on the street.

But the subconscious constructed an adult face, based on how I remembered the kid’s face. I’ve seen the character before in other dreams. Those dream were not recorded, for one reason or another.

But the character’s personality is a sinister one; kind of creepy. Like the character has a mind of its own and is not in harmony with me. I feel it is an outside force, attempting to infiltrate me in some manner. Why did it pick my childhood best friend, I have no idea?

The dream itself was kind of distorted, it involved me hanging out with DM; but due to DM’s shady character, I didn’t feel comfortable hanging out with him. He was on the borderline of being a friend or foe. His actions were unpredictable. I get rid of him, but he pops back up.

Then there was the incident where I was in a parking lot that resembled a lot like my National Guard Armory drill floor. My car was disabled, and the tires needed to be changed.

When it comes to my car, I’m a serious person. I was with the mechanic, and the car was jacked up; but suddenly, the car was moving and coming off the jack.

I found it to be strange; that I eventually found out that it was DM undermining me again. I confronted him, I made him know that I disapproved of what he is doing to the car.

I give him the cold shoulder; if this was real life, I probably would have punched him in his face. But in dreamland, it didn’t jump off like that. Instead it was more like a psychological rejection.

DM was offended, and he wanted to fight. He had a look on his face that he wants to kill me. DM was enrolled in a Kung Fu school, back during our childhood days. That reality rolled over to this experience.

With the look that he wants to kill me on his face; he did a martial art move to move my arms to the side leaving my front exposed and undefended.

When he did that; he took a shot, that if it would connect to my throat he would wind up killing me or leaving me with some serious damage.

But I’m an martial artist too; even though I have not practiced since the government shut down; I still  have the knowledge to counter the move.

When he moved my arms to the side, I countered by pushing the elbow joint on DM’s arms, so he could not deliver the killer blow.

After that there were some reconciliation attempts to make up between me and the character; before I came out the dream state.

Who knows when DM character will show up again.

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