Restless Souls

This was another strange experience that I’m still pondering. I had in my mind to do some sort of interpretation, or analysis. But I can’t find the book that gives an insight on dream symbols. I brought that book a while ago, but never actually looked at it. Now when I decide to use it I can’t find it. I hope I don’t have to buy a new one. But I guess, knowing my luck, I will probably, end up buying a new book; and as soon as it arrives, I find the old one. Well, we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, this dream started out when I found myself floating around an abandoned mansion. I saw a shadowy figure that was also floating around. The shadowy figure was going from room to room as though it was searching for something or someone.

I knew that I was at the mansion to do some sort of job; it was a feeling that I got. Whoever sent me to do the job remains a mystery. The feeling that I go was that I was looking for trapped spirits and when I find one, I was supposed to free them. I was joined by another spirit, that was supposed to be my helper.

But my spirit helper was more interested in looking for the remains of his Father.  We tried to get the attention of the shadowy figure that was going from room to room searching. It was going in a constant circle and not accomplishing anything, so we wanted to see if this shadowy figure needed any help, or was willing to help us.

But the shadowy figure was ignoring us and still carried on what he was doing. But we did at least get a message from the shadowy figure. It was also searching for trapped spirits. But the sprits that he was looking for were victims of some sort of disaster that took place on the mansion grounds.

The shadowy figure must have thought that the disaster took place in the mansion; not sure why, but I told my spirit helper that he must be looking for the spirits of the disaster victims that is buried in the cemetery that is located down the street from the mansion.

I told my spirit helper that when we run back into the shadowy figure’s presence, we’ll let him know he is in the wrong place.

In the meantime, during our search for other trapped spirits. My spirit helper came across the ghosts of the two people that killed his father.

The killing happened a long time ago and the ghosts of the killers were lingering on the earth’s plane since the death of their physical bodies. They’ve been around for so long that their memories deteriorated, and they were even clueless as to who they are, where they are, and what they did when they were physically alive.

My spirit helper became angry. We know the two ghosts of the men that killed his father did not stray too far from the scene of the crime. We narrowed down where they hid my spirit helper’s Father’s physical remains. We determined that the physical remains is hidden in a fire place mantel.

Me and my spirit helper broke the crest that was located on the fireplace mantle. Sure enough there was the remains of my spirit helper’s Father. The Skelton along with his sword and shield.

Once the remains were uncovered, the trapped energy was released. When that happened, the two ghosts regained their memories, and they realized that my spirit helper is the son of the man they killed when they were alive.

So now the two ghosts decided to attack my spirit helper to vanquish him to the dark planes below the earth plane.

At this point, it was not my fight and that some sort of energy prevented me from assisting my spirit helper. However,  my spirit helper realized that he was out gunned, he started to invoke his Father to rise up and help him defeat his enemies.

But the Father’s spirit was at peace and moved on long ago; he was not willing to come back to the earth’s plane; but he sent down energy, and his sword was given a life of its own. The sword  flew to the hands of my spirit helper, like Thors hammer going to Thor’s hand. .

My spirit helper used the sword and was successful in fending off the two killer ghosts, vanquishing them from the earth’s plane to the dark planes below the earth.

Then the shadowy figure came around, back to our location. We managed to get his attention, and I told him that I know where the disaster victims that he was looking for were located. 

The shadowy figure followed me, and  my spirit helper. We phased through the front door and ended up outside on the mansion grounds.  I took the shadowy figure down to the cemetery that is located down the street from the mansion.

When we got to the location. I found that there were a lot of restless souls in the cemetery. They were floating around looking to get someone’s attention.

The shadowy figure went on and went into the cemetery looking for the specific spirits (disaster victims); it looks as though he found them because it went directly to a specific section of the cemetery. The other restless souls recognized that the shadowy figure didn’t come for them and did not interfere with the shadowy figure’s activities.

But they saw me, and they wanted my attention; a lot of them had unfinished business on the earth’s plane. They wanted help to resolve those unfinished issues before they can move on.

There were a lot of them, and my thoughts was that I can’t help them all; so me and my spirit helper retreated back to the mansion’s grounds. But the restless souls were following us.

Before the restless spirits crowded around us to make their demands, me and my spirit helper phased back through the mansion doors and back into the mansion; the restless souls attempted to get in the mansion, but their realms were restricted, and that they were prevented from entering the mansion.

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