Heart Attack

I was in my apartment when a friend of my sister’s had her suitcase and was looking for a place to stay. We allowed her to stay at the apartment. But she was guarded for some reason. Her bags were laying allover the place, but when I was walking towards the bag and this woman acted that I wanted to go in her bag to take something. 

I was upset for the lack of trust. I told her that how she is staying in my apartment; that she has  potential access to valuable stuff; but we trust that she wouldn’t steal anything. But when one of us walks by her bags, she follows us to make sure that we won’t go in her bags to take anything. Not that anyone is intended to go into her suitcase; but it is the principle of the matter.

My sister heard me arguing with her friend; but instead, of taking my side or a neutral position; she took her friend’s side. The argument was loud, I told my sister’s friend to get the hell out of the apartment. I don’t want to give room and board to anyone who mistrust me. We were relatively quiet people, but the loud argument had the building’s other tenants coming up and getting into our business, giving their two cents worth of opinions.

Then the old man showed up. The old man looked like the film maker Gorden parks; he was in ill health and he had a heart attack when he was attempting to diffuse the argument.

I told my sister to call EMS; I was performing CPR on the Old man while waiting for EMS. But a timer period passed and EMS still didn’t show up. I told my sister to call again. When she got on the phone to call EMS; they showed up; they had the stretcher. But instead of doing something, the paramedic was just standing there watching me perform the CPR.   The paramedic said to keep on doing what I’m doing, I’m doing a fine job.

Things were going well, but there is only so much CPR that could be done for a heart attack victim. The old man’s heart failed; I couldn’t feel the heart beat anymore. The old man died; the paramedic said that I almost did it and would have been successful in saving the old man’s life. The reason the old man died was because I wasn’t doing the CPR correctly.  

I got mad at the paramedic and asked her, if she saw that I was not doing the CPR correctly; why didn’t she say anything.

Now that things deescalated, and the EMS was taking away the old man’s body; the old man opened his eyes and asked if everyone left yet. He said he was only pretending to be dead, that he is going to get away from the ingrates and go away  to start a new life.

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