In this experience, I got up early and went downstairs to move the car. I moved the car to the other side of the street; then I got in my big red van and went somewhere. When I got back; I parked the van across the street from my building.

Even though I was parked on the wrong side of the street; there was still time to move it to the other side of the street later on, so I went back to bed. But as it turned out, I was a bit lazy and didn’t leave the comfort of my bed until it was too late.

I quickly got up to move the van before I get a ticket. But when I went downstairs, the Van was gone. I don’t know if the van was towed or was stolen.

Living in New York, the authorities act like thieves in the night. Your car could be towed by Police, by Department of Transportation, by the Sheriff, by the Marshall, NYC Transit; or by a private business who have a contract with a towing company.

All the car owner knows is that the vehicle is gone; nowadays, if the car is towed it is reported to the police and the information is put on line within two to three hours afterwards. Then the owner has to see how much the city will rob them of fees and fines before they can get the vehicle back. On the other hand, if no information pops up on the City’s website, then you know your vehicle was stolen. But I suppose it is easier to deal with the insurance company, reporting that your vehicle got stolen, rather than to deal with the bureaucracy of getting your vehicle back after its towed.

Now, after I discovered that the van was gone, I decided to go to the parking violations bureau (PVB) to see if it got towed.  When I got there to the PVB; there was a long line as usual.

I looked around and saw that all the customer service stations had a long wait. I got on one of the lines; but as I was approaching the desk. I heard the announcement sating “now it is 4 O’clock and that the PVB is getting ready to close.” The man behind the counter said that he is not seeing anyone else; nor was he staying around to service people.

I shouted what about the other people who was here before 4 O’clock. I stayed on the line where I was already in place. But the counter person already warned me that he isn’t seeing me.

Then I shouted that my agency where I work as a gov’t bureaucrat see people if they were in the building before the cut off time. The PVB rep was not interested in anything what I had to say.

There were no supervisors or managers around. So there was no one to complain too. I kept standing in line, perhaps he will have a change of heart when my turn comes.

But as luck had it; the woman in the next counter saw the drama and knew that her colleague was wrong. She stepped in and took over the paperwork.

Finally, I was at the ahead of the line; I gave her my paperwork and she looked impressed that there was no outstanding tickets, and that I didn’t have to pay any fines. She just gave me the paperwork to go get the towed vehicle out. 

When I got to the tow pound, I made some loud complaints telling the officials that they were a bunch of cock suckers, who use deception to suck money from people who don’t have any real money.

They got my big red van; I made sure the accessories that was in the van, was still there. Especially the jet ski that is located on the right side of the van.

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