You Tube upload: 3.1

In this round of uploads I got a message from You tube that some of the records I uploaded have copy right claims. You Tube has fully blocked or practical blocked those records because of it. The practical blocked videos can only be viewed in certain countries; while the fully blocked ones cannot be viewed anywhere.

Its a funny thing because on two albums one side can be viewed the other can’t. Now, I probably won’t up load an entire long playing (LP) album. I will have to break up the tracks, and up load them one track by one track.

I had in mind to up load the 1976 Elvis Presley top 40 Hits; I wonder if it would get blocked. All of his music are all on an Elvis official you tube channel.


    • From what I understand so far is that the owners of the music put out a copyright claim on its use. While the ownership of other recordings are not so apparent.
      The music industry is so shady that the artists who wrote the songs and put out the music don’t own it. They either unknowingly sign the rights away, or never had a contract, or the producers robbed them blind.
      Ownership of the music isn’t apparent, but the money is going to someone. Usually the producer, promoter of label, who by law is not suppose to have any rights, but the Artist and writers are ignorant of the law, or can’t afford the legal team to get back their publishing.
      While other owners are apparent, it is legally clear who owns the music. They are the ones who put out the claim.
      The estate of dead artists that own the likeness and music will definitely make sure that he artist’s music and likeness cannot be used without permission.
      Older recordings have a “fair use clause.” to what extent. I will find out once I start to upload the older music.
      Remember the whole controversial over electronic sharing music is that the owners or artists can’t make money off it. So they make moves to attempt to restrict or regulate use.

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