In this dream two different time frames in my life was observed. It all started out when I saw images of the 2nd floor of the house where I grew up as a child. I was in the hallway in front of my parent’s room. The figure that was representing my father was doing renovations. The figure was stripping the wallpaper off the wall. While I was helping the figure representing my mother with a pile of clothes.

It was strange that when I observed the figures that were representing my parents; they did not resemble my parents at all. I did not recognize them. But they were stand ins in this experience.

Then a scene of me finding an unworn newly issued Gortex field jacket, that a Soldier left in the field. This scenario actually happened in real life. While I was deployed at West Point. Someone from the 69th Infantry left an unworn brand-new field jacket on the guard post, that I took over. It had no name on it, so I kept it for myself.

The field jacket ended up in my hands while helping the figure that represented my mother with the clothes on the 2nd floor of the house, in front of my parent’s room door. 

I gave the field jacket to the figure representing my mother. After that I briefly helped my father strip some of the wallpaper off the wall. While doing that, the stripper that I was using somehow hit a finger on my right hand. I wasn’t sure if it was the pinky, or the first finger.

Then the scene shifted, and I was in my National Guard Armory; the one on 14th street. I was going to my locker to get the set of uniform that I keep in the Armory, for just in case purposes. But when I went to the locker room that was located on the 2nd floor in the Battery’s orderly room. I found that the lockers were removed.

I was asking the figure that represented the Training Non-commissioned officer, where the lockers were taken; he told me the lockers were removed and directed me to go to the drill floor to the equipment room; where I can find the contents of the stuff removed from the locker.

When I went to the drill floor; it changed from that of the one at the 14th street Armory to the Bedford Ave Armory. Instead of the equipment room in the 14th street Armory; I was in the Bedford Ave Armory’s locker room; where I had another locker, that stored my extra set of uniform and other field equipment.

I saw that the lock was clipped and the contents in the locker removed. I inquired about it to the Training NCO; and was told to go to another area of the Armory where the contents of the locker were located.

While I was moving things around in the Bedford Ave Armory, looking for my stuff; the finger that I hit with the stripper was not on my hand properly. It was hanging down and getting in the way of my activities.

Since the hanging  finger was getting in my way and  hindering my activities of moving things around while searching for my stuff; I decided to remove the finger. A thin layer of skin kept the finger from falling off.  It wasn’t so thick that with a little force I would be able to completely pull the finger off. After I pulled the finger off; there was no blood. I don’t remember if I put the removed finger in my pocket, or just let it fall on the floor.

I went about my business looking for the contents of the locker; hell, I couldn’t even find the discarded lockers; until I went to an area that looked like the Armory in Queens.

I saw a bunch of discarded lockers; in the garbage area, ready for Sanitation to come and pick them up. I saw that my locker was in the pile. I saw my lock that was cut hanging off the locker’s door.

The contents in the locker were gone, and nowhere to be found. No matter where I looked, no matter who I asked, whatever figure who told me where to go to find the contents of the locker; when I get to where I’m told to go  where my stuff would be; the things wasn’t there.  I was wondering from Armory to Armory looking for my stuff, which could not be found.

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  1. There’s definitely a meaning to that never-ending searching and not finding I’m sure!

    Love the way you just casually took your finger off and put it in your pocket or whatever ‘cos it was annoying you 😉

    It’s strange how often, instead of dreaming about an actual person, you dream a representative of that person – I find that a lot.


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