This experience was interested; centered around the government office where I make my daily bread as a Supervising Government bureaucrat.

It started when I saw that I was back working my position as a supervising government bureaucrat, in the government building, after it reopened after a year and a half of being closed, to the public because of the pandemic.

I was in the customer service area; it wasn’t packed as usual because there was  a restriction on the number of people allowed in the building at one time. I took notice that there were some people who didn’t have tickets.

I made an announcement, that anyone who doesn’t have a ticket won’t be called because as far as the system is concerned; they are not registered to be seen, and that we can’t see anyone without the ticket. I also said, that if they’ve been waiting for a while and then get a ticket; they will not be seen until we get to their number.

When I made the announcement; several people got up and went to the kiosk to get a ticket. Then I walked off to the back where the subordinate gov’t bureaucrats were interviewing clients. When I walked past a particular desk. A woman dressed in dirty clothes; that looked as though she has not changed them in days, disapproved of the announcement I made.

We had words; she got up to physically confront me; I used my martial arts skill to defend from the physical attack at the same time; I didn’t strike her, only blocked her striking attempts.

The Police came and removed her from the building. But before the Police left, they tried to put me in handcuffs. They said that I was being arrested for assault; I resisted the arrest, protesting their decision. Ultimately, I wasn’t arrested because there was no real evidence that the woman was assaulted. She was assaulting me, and everyone the Police spoke too who witnessed what took place collaborated my claims.     

When I went home; I was outside the building. The woman was there. She knew everything about me, she even knew who was my baby’s mama.

She made threats; then she attacked me again. This time she was formable; I had to do moves to incapacitate her. Just fending off and dodging blows just didn’t cut it anymore. 

Everywhere I went, the woman was there; it usually ended up with us fighting each other. I even got some of my Police Officer friends, even Detectives that served with me in the Army to see what they can do and intervene. Nothing worked.

But then one day, as suddenly as she started, she stopped the stalking. A balloon came down from the sky, and she grabbed the string and held on it and she floated away with the balloon…

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