Unity 22

            Last week was a week of historic events; some received attention, and some didn’t. Most of us heard of the assassination of the President of Haiti. This event has been dominating the news waves. That two Haitian Americans and twenty-six Colombian Mercenaries were detained as the ones who carried out the deed.

Hell, the reports from Haiti that the Mercenaries were trained professionals, that were recruited to specifically carry out the mission. But, True_George has the experience to look at the whole affair from a military point of view. From that perspective, the whole operation was nothing but a Mickey Mouse show; an obvious inside job, with the two Haitian Americans and the Colombian Mercenaries being the fall guys.

The Mercenaries; walked into the Presidential compound past two large guard dogs and unopposed by security guards; someone let them into the residence; they shot the Haitian President and left the scene without engaging any of the President’s body guards. Then they went back to their hotel, where they were apprehended by the Police two days later. Nothing more needs to be said. This is still a developing investigation; don’t be too surprise of the findings when the whole plot starts to become unraveled.    

Then the other news was about Britney Spears and her fight to remove her father from being the principal figure in her conservatorship. The bombshell emotional testimony that she gave in court, have her fanatics, and other celebrities rallying support for the conservatorship to be terminated. Yet, the court still denied her motion.

Let’s not forget why Spears was put into a conservatorship in the first place. The reins of control were given to her father. Maybe the courts recognized that Daddy know best when it comes to how to handle daughter. After all, he has been doing it since she was born, and to an extent was involved in her show biz.  

I guess like any child, there becomes a point where they get tired of being in the shadow of their parents and want to break free. But in Britney’s case, it is not so simple. The bottom line for her is that she has to be deemed mentally fit to get out of the conservatorship all together. Otherwise the conservatorship will just pass from one manager to another.

Let’s put it this way, those really close to Britney are not the ones calling for the conservatorship to end. They have experienced and put up with the behavior that comes with being mentally ill. The fanatics, and celebrity friends probably don’t know the full scope, they should be more concerned of the third parties, encouraging Spears to challenge the conservatorship. If she should be given back her autonomy; those sharks and vultures will be waiting to swoop in and eat her alive.

The one event they should have been one of the dominating stories; is the success of the Virgen-Galactic space flight. Why, this will usher the beginning of commercial space flight.

The successful launch took place from the New Mexico desert on July 11th. The spaceship “Galactic Unity22”   took off with a full crew which included the owner billionaire Richard Branson.

Unity went up to fifty miles above the Earth’s surface. Just imagine that this is the beginning of a whole new era. That we will be paying to get transported into space.

The whole event didn’t take long to complete; but the bottom line was history was made and the news outlets were hushed.


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