Cut Throat

Trying to make some sense of this dream; it was a two-part dream, but there are distortions, there is a third part too. But that third part is the beginning or did the subconscious leave it up to the imagination. How did the subconscious come up with this is beyond me? Could this be someone else’s thoughts that was picked up from the collective consciousness. Who knows?

It started out with me experiencing the events in the first person. I was with this unidentified woman, we were partying, we were sexual intermit, but I kicked her to the curb because she became addicted to drugs. I don’t deal with drug addicts whether in real life or dreamland.

Then the scene shifted, I was in a mansion setting up some sort of computer system that can manipulate the market. I was making money manipulating the market.

Then the scene shifted again; this time it was in the street. It seems that the woman who I was with earlier had aged a couple of years. She was cleaned up and now we get back together. But unknown to me, she was involved with another dude.

Not sure whether he was her pimp, or a shady boyfriend. After I took the woman to my mansion and smashed her. She went to the boyfriend, and the two of them hatched a plan to rob the mansion while I wasn’t there.

The woman visited the mansion and we smashed. As she predicted, I allowed her to stay in the mansion while I left to do something or do some type of work. When I came back, the furniture and some valuable items were missing.

The woman denied that she had anything to do with the items being stolen. I smacked her across the face and called her a liar. I said that I have hidden cameras watching her. It showed her boyfriend robbing the place with her assisting.

I told her since she set me up, it is only right that she help get my stuff back. She agreed; and the boyfriend brought the stuff back. Me and the woman were on good relations after that. We smashed again. But this time instead of going out I was on the computer system with a client.

The client was worried because there was a risky market move that would bag us both a ton of money. Then the computer system went dead; the woman’s boyfriend pulled out the wires. I couldn’t get to him; he was locked in the room where the main frame was. The room had a window in the door. I was telling him to come out and face me like a man.

But he wouldn’t open the door and come out. I grabbed the woman and said, bitch since you set me up, you better help me get your boyfriend out of the room.

I had the woman by her throat and told the boyfriend to open the door, he refused, so I grabbed a silver knife and stabbed her in the midsection. I pulled the knife out after I stabbed her, and red blood filled her white dress. Then I used the blade to cut her throat. Blood gushed out of the cut throat. 

After the woman’s throat was cut; the experience ended…

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