Friend’s House

I was in a car, there was some sort of confusion that I was going to find some type of refuge at a friend’s house. I pulled up to the house, and I started to turn so that I can go into the garage. But the car was going too fast. I ran over my friend’s mechanic tools and the car hit the edge of the garage’s entrance.

We backed the car out from where it was, and put it in the driveway. Then the scene played out again, but this time the car was stopped at the top of the block. I had two children with me. My friend told me that I can park the car in the driveway, and that we can stay at his house.

But one of the children, the girl said, I promised to take her somewhere. I can’t remember where, whether it was to school, or to the park to meet her play mates. I told her it is not safe to go yet. But she insisted that she is leaving the house to go to where she is going.

She (the girl)  left the house, but when she got to the end of the block, it was when the predators came out to get her. A group of guys started to follow her; when she saw this, she started to run.

I got in the car and reached her before the predators reached her. Then the scene switched to the first scene of me crashing the car at the edge of the garage. Only, this time. The car was going so fast that when I entered the driveway, I overshot it and crashed into the garage door.

Now that me and the children are stuck in the house; we went upstairs where we found that there were other people that were stuck in the house too.

There was a way to leave, but each person would have to go in pairs; a process was in place to match who is going with who. Now, with me and the addition of the two children it seems that there were an equal number of people.

The two children that I was with now appeared to be young adults. A male in the group pointed out that there is now an equal number of males and females. He suggested that a male should be paired with a female. That way the paired couples would be able to engage in sexual activity. The other males agreed.

The right male and female match will be done. For example, if there was a virgin female, so a virgin male would be assigned to that virgin female. The more experienced males were matched with a more experienced female. An intellectual male would be matched with an intellectual female, an artist male would be matched with an artist female, etc.

When it came to the process to bond the male and female pair together; it couldn’t be done; because three of the females never showed up. Perhaps they resented that the only reason that a male would be bonded to a female was because it would allow the male to experience the pleasure of sex. Otherwise, the bonding didn’t benefit the females in any other way. The females that didn’t show up wanted the bonding to be for more reasons other then the purpose of having sex.

While the people in charge of the house were negotiating with the female hold outs. The rest of the participants were waiting in the room. One of the participants stated that this is going to be a while before an agreement will be made. Let’s watch T.V. Then I saw that a television was turned on and everyone was relaxing watching a T.V program…

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