The Girl

I had to ponder the events of this dream; it intertwined past experience with a constructed present event. Some of it was distorted, but it wasn’t hard to piece things together.

The setting took place in what resembled my high school; I was taking some extra instruction to pass an exam that was required to graduate. A Teacher was helping me. The image of that Teacher sure looked like the one that helped me pass the writing exam way back when I was sixteen years old. Only, the image that represented that Teacher in the dream looked way younger.

I was going through some papers in my notebook with her; then I came across a final grade sheet. But that final grade sheet was from last year. Something was said about it, to the tune of keeping the final grade sheet as something as a model for this year. The Teacher said that I’ve still yet to finish my assignment.

Then the scene shifted, I was standing outside the classroom with one of my classmates from high school. Even the hallway, and the classroom was an exact replica of one of the high school’s classroom.

The image representation of the classmate, RS looked exactly how he appeared at the point in time when we were in high school.

RS pointed to an unidentified girl and told me, “You see that girl, she will give you head if you pay her. I’m waiting for her to come out of class so that I can get mine.”

I looked at the girl, she wasn’t bad looking, I figured if I give her a bit more money, maybe I can get something more from her.

When she came out of the classroom, my friend RS went up to her and whispered something in her ear. Then she walked over to me, and I stopped her and said, “I heard that you do things, if I give you $30 will you do me too.” The girl looked at me as if I didn’t know what I was talking about. She asked what am I talking about, and what do I want from her. I said, “affection, not the same type that you give to others.” She said, OK.

I looked in my wallet to make sure that I had the money. Even though, I had the money, I decided to go get some extra money in case I need it.

There was an ATM on the floor; and when I went to it, there was another student using it. He was taking a long time to use the ATM, a line was forming. I got impatient because I didn’t want the girl and RS to leave me behind. So I decided to go up to the fourth floor (for some reason, I perceived we were on the third floor) to see if an ATM is there.

When I got up to the fourth floor, I was glad to see that a TD bank ATM was there. However, it was strange that the fourth floor was darker then it appeared in real life. The only object on the floor was the ATM machine and a school security post.

When I got to the ATM, it had an inscription; “use at your own risk.” I didn’t think that I had anything to worry about, because I have a TD bank card.

When I looked at the ATM it was confusing on how to put the card in the machine. It took me a while to figure it out. When I finally figured it out, the instructions asking what transaction that I would like to do looked complicated. I finally saw the withdrawal button, and I pressed it, requesting $40. Instead of dispensing $40, the ATM responded by stating “your balance is $49,000.

I got annoyed because I didn’t ask the ATM what was my balance. Plus I was taking too long to use the ATM and a line was  forming with other students waiting their turn to use the ATM. Now everyone that was there knows how much money I have. Besides, I don’t even know where that $49, 000 came from. I hope nobody tries to extort me.

The ATM asked if I would like another transaction. Even though the ATM did not dispense the $40.0; I decided not to try again. I don’t want to waste any more time.

I went back to the third floor, the girl was waiting for me; RS wasn’t around. I slipped the girl, the $30 and told her that I’m giving her extra cause I just don’t want head, I want sex.

The girl said, that it was only a rumor that she was giving head for the $2.00, the girl mentioned that she was doing hand jobs. Not that it made a difference to me what she was doing. I only wanted her to fulfill my request, which she agreed to do.

I took her to my car, and drove to a secluded spot, and we had sex. But, while having sex, I found out that she was a virgin. I thought that she might be telling the truth concerning giving head for a small price.

After that day, I found out that the girl, stopped her illicit activities, she was only doing activities with me. Perhaps, because I was paying her $30 a pop. Then, one day I didn’t have any money with me. The girl, said it didn’t matter, because she liked having sex with me, and that I didn’t have to pay her.

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