This experience was a profound one; in fact, if one could sum it up, they would likely say that this experience was like being in a movie.

Except for the making of this movie didn’t involve a script, a camera crew, a director, sound production crew, studio setting or editing of the finish product. 

Incidentally, this movie had only one star, and an endless supply of supporting caste and no budget was required.

The settings and scenery were all manufactured by the subconscious. The only question here is, why did this production come up. What was the influences, and what made the subconscious play the whole thing out? This I’m still pondering.

Perhaps I should use my dream interpretation book, but it is time consuming writing about each symbol. But I guess I’m going to have to make an effort.

This all makes me wonder that perhaps many Hollywood, Bollywood (Indian), or Nollywood (Nigerian) productions started with a dream. You may call this production Trulywood.

It all started when I felt kind of fatigue, so I decided to lay down; after laying down it wasn’t long before the following experience occurred.

 I was in a subway token booth. Maybe I was a token booth clerk, or perhaps one of the cops. All I saw from the point of view of someone looking out through the Plexiglas observing three Cops bringing someone to the token booth area.

I’m not sure what the dude done to get hauled in by the Cops. It seems that they were questioning the dude about something that took place. They were making sure that the dude has some type of knowledge of the alleged crime.

The dude didn’t know what he is accused of doing. But then a radio call came in and told the Cops that they have caught the perpetrator of the crime. But I observed that the Cop in the token booth with me, who was the supervising cop still wanted to arrest the dude. He mentions something like, he still thinks the dude is guilty.

I observed a female Cop running the dude’s ID. She said to the supervising cop; why are you still arresting the dude? It has been proven that he is innocent of the crime. The supervising cop didn’t give her an answer. But the female cop kept on pressing the fact that the dude should not be arrested.

As the supervising cop was placing the dude in handcuffs, and with the female cop insisting that he shouldn’t be arrested, the supervising cop ultimately decided to let the dude go. But he wasn’t happy about it, looks like a good cop stopped the corrupted actions of a bad cop.

Then the scene changed, to that of moving like I was flying, but the view was of the floor going towards the exit of the subway station. 

The subway station looked like the Prospect Park station where you can catch the shuttle or C train. There was a cop at the entrance. I saw the Cop in the third person point of view, then suddenly I was seeing things through the Cops eyes, as though I am the Cop.

I felt the cop’s feelings also. He was bored and didn’t like that he was stationed at the entrance of the train station.

He was pacing back and forth to kill time, then he went to the outside of the station. Then I saw a commotion (through the cops eyes). I saw that there was a group of people, young people beating up someone.

I went to take a closer look, and to see if I can intervene to stop the assault. The group was going into the park. It is ironic because the scenery looked like a distorted scenery of the Eastern Parkway entrance and the Botanical Garden entrance, all fused into one.

That the landscaped was that of a hill going upwards. The landscape was a unique creation of the subconscious.

So, the closer I was getting to the group, the further the group was going into the park. Going further and further up the hill.

I radioed in my position and requested for back up. As I was going up further into the hill, sighting the group still assaulting the person. The group began to get larger and larger, more people started toa appear from nowhere.

Then the grassy rolling hill suddenly turned into a rocky formation, and as I was at the top, it looked like a cliff, with a water body below.

I got some sort of a mental message the group is a cult, and that they were going to sacrifice the person that they were assaulting.

As I was going further, closing in on the group assaulting the victim, going down the rocky cliff, I was being pursued by the other members of the group. The assaulting victim was nowhere to be found. Now I was the one being pursued by the group.

The group was out for blood, so I pulled out my gun, and told them to stay back. But they were still coming. So, I fired off some rounds, and I shot and killed one of them. I radioed in the situation. But then the dispatch told me that I was on my own because my exact location couldn’t be determined.

As I got to the bottom of the cliff with the cult still pursuing me, some of them pulled out M16/AR 15 rifles and were firing rounds at me.

The bullets landing in the water. I was in the shallow part with the water up to my thighs and getting deeper. The cult members were everywhere, closing in on will only be a matter of time before I am caught.

Then I heard a helicopter above my head. The New York Police dept sent out a helicopter to find my location. The helicopter dropped down a rope ladder, and I grabbed onto it, and the  helicopter ascended into the air, and I was hanging on the rope ladder slowly climbing up the rope ladder, fighting the wind to get into the helicopter.

The cult members were firing rounds at the helicopter, but the helicopter was out of their range. Once I got in the helicopter, it ascended higher into the air.

The we saw that the cult members started to commit mass suicide, they were throwing themselves off the cliff. I detected feelings that they knew that their gig was up now that they were exposed, but they did not want to face authorities.

I felt a feeling of relief and was  glad that the NYPD sent the helicopter to get me out, and when the helicopter was outside the park, I saw a mass of cops on the out skirts of the park ready to move in…

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