Missing Bike

In this experience, I was riding a bike; it looked like the bike that I used to have when I was younger. The model bike was called a Raleigh Chopper. It was an old bike, but functioned great.  I was riding it in a bike lane on a busy main street called Bedford Avenue. I was going to the building that used to house the gov’t office where I work as a supervising gov’t bureaucrat. But the gov’t office has since changed locations.

 I noticed that there was a cop car behind me. When I turned the corner to be on the street where the building that used to house the gov’t office was located. Another cop car with high beams and flashing lights appeared right in front of me.

The cop came out and asked me where I was going.  When I told him, he said that I should have gone around the block, because the street is closed.

He said that the Muslims brought out the area, and that, they closed the street. I said that they should have put up some signs like the Jews do. Well at least with the Jews they give notice before blocking the street off.

I left to go through the small side street, but I forget that that area was controlled by a local gang. I did not know any gang signs, so I would have to take the long way.

I finally, got to a store. It had a rack where I could leave my bike. The Jewish owner said that it was OK to leave my bike in the rack. I took my bag and went about my business.

When I returned, I started to look for my bag. When I went to a store where I thought I left my bag, the bag was nowhere to be found. I was checking all the bags in the store but could not find mine. I told the storekeeper that I will be back later and that he better have a clue to the whereabouts of my bag.

Then I went to the rack and saw that my bike was gone. I inquired about my bike, and no one seems to know where it is. The person in the store was a different Jewish person then the one that said that I can keep my bike in the rack. This person didn’t know where my bike was.

I looked around, I found bikes that resembled mine, but wasn’t mine. I found pieces and bike parts that looked like mine but wasn’t mine. I don’t know if the bike was stolen or being kept away from me.

Then I saw some bags in a window display. I found that one of the bags was my bag. I retrieved it. So now that I have my bag back, I can concentrate on looking for the bike.

The Jewish man swears that he does not know where the bike is. Then I heard the Jewish community alarm. It sounded for the Jews to go back home for the evening and prey. People just dropped what they were doing and went back inside their homes.

Then I saw what looked like a big fountain, a circle. There were Jews bowing down all around it; I couldn’t leave, because I was caught in the middle and still looking for my bike.

My thoughts were maybe if I saw the big Rabbi, maybe he can help me find my bike. Just then a substance was poured down the fountain. I found myself sliding down the fountain, on the way to meet the big Rabbi….

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