This dream made some sense to me after I thought about it. The meanings were clear, and the conclusion gave me the answer to a question that I was asked.

A friend of mine was asking me if he could borrow some money. I ultimately agreed to borrow him the money, but I never really wanted too. I didn’t have the cash, so we had to go to an ATM to withdraw the money.

My friend and I walked along the main street, Nostrand Ave, to go to the bank. While we were walking, I was joined by to other people. One of them was my sister, and the other I could not identify. We didn’t walk very far when I spotted an outside ATM.

When we got to the ATM and stood online, I was wondering which account should I use to withdraw the money. When I got to the front of the line before it was my turn, I saw that there were Police Officers at the ATM. Perhaps they were there to keep the people withdrawing money safe.

The person in front of me went to one ATM, and then another ATM was free, and a Cop gestured to me to go to it. When I went to the ATM and inserted my ATM card. The ATM asked for my PIN number, and after I entered the PIN, the ATM  gave me a choice, play the video game, or withdraw money.

I didn’t want to play any video game; it was not why I came to the ATM. But when I passed on playing the game, the ATM began to ask another layer of security questions. Then the Cop that gestured me to go to the machine began to ask if I had any ID.

This was unexpected, he sees me here at the ATM attempting to navigate the stupid security questions, and he starts asking me for ID. 

I gave the Cop my ID and continued on to answering the ATM’s security questions. Then the Cop interrupted me again, he was showing my ID to the two other Cops, so now the Cops wanted to know if the picture on the ID is really me.

At the point in time when I took the picture for the ID, I had a beard, now I am clean-shaven. The picture doesn’t look much different, but the Cops were being jerks, asking if it is really me on the ID.

When I was interrupted, I took too long to answer the security questions and the ATM canceled my request, and I was prompted to remove my card from the machine.

This is when the Cop asked me if they can see my ATM card. I showed it to them, and the Cop put a piece of paper over the card and was tracing the card number. The Cop said don’t worry, this is a routine procedure. Then he gave me back the card.

After I got the card back, I put it into the ATM. But now that ATM displayed a game that I had to play before it displayed the security questions. This was time-consuming, navigating this game.

Then my sister called out to me, saying “hurry up, we are about to leave.” I told her that getting the money is taking longer than I thought, and that I am coming.

I was still navigating that ATM’s game, when my sister was being annoying, telling me to hurry up, I said to her sternly, I am coming! Then she said not to cop an attitude with her because the Police were messing with me.

I was still at the ATM navigating the game, when my sister called out for the last time and told me to come on, because everyone is leaving.

So, I said to myself, “fuck it,” I guess I’m going to have to get money from another ATM later on. I cancelled the request and took my card from the machine.  When I left the ATM, I told my friend, that I can’t borrow him the money and not to bother me about it again.

It is ironic that in the real world, two people who I consider bums, came to me and asked me if I could borrow them a couple of dollars. These bums swear that they will pay me back. Neither of them is working, so how could they pay me back. Good, thing I had this dream, otherwise, I may have fell for their sob stories….

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