Uninvited Friends

            This experience started out when I heard the sound of the wind charms that I had on my door. Maybe my son went out to go about doing his business. It was kind of early. Then what happened next, my son came back home. He had a few friends with him. The friends looked like it was a baseball team.

I wasn’t happy that my son invited these friends over without asking me first. Plus, there was a group of them, and it made me really annoyed that those boys were there, without my permission.   I had in my right mind to tell my son to tell his friends to get out of the house.

I didn’t act upon those feelings, I didn’t want to embarrass my son in front of his friends. Although I should have, because when I pulled my son to the side to express my disapproval of having all those friends in the house, he had a cheeky response to the matter.

We argued, and one of the boys injected; so now I’m arguing with my son and his friend, and the other friends were started to join in.

I turned my back on them to go to my room and get my gun, so that they will know that I am serious when I tell them to get the hell out of my house.

But before I could go into my room for the gun, my brother and two of his friends came in the house. When he saw the drama going on between me, my son, and his friends. My brother told me to lighten up. To stop being like my father who didn’t allow outsiders to come into the house,   and allow my son to have some company.

So, my son, his friends, and my brother and his friends were in the living room playing a little video game tournament, among other things. Since they weren’t going anywhere I was going to go out for some air.

Then I overheard my brother and his two friends talking and plotting to go into my room and steal my gun.

I went to my room to check and see if my gun was still in its locked box. So I went to confront my brother and his two friends. I told them that I know that they were here to steal my gun. That they better leave, if they don’t I was going to shoot them.

My brother and his two friends said that they are going to call the Police and tell them that I was threating them with a gun.

I told them, you know that this areas is patrolled by cops who were deployed with me to Iraq. That the supervising Police Lieutenant was also in Iraq with me. Then I told them, who do you think they’re going to believe; me or you.

After, that confrontation, my brother and his two friends left. Then I saw, one of my son’s friends open one of my liquor bottles and was passing it around.

I said to myself, “great, this is all I need to get arrested; the Cops will think that I gave the liquor to those minors.” So, I brandished my gun in front of the group and told them to get the fuck out of here.

My son was upset as to what I did, so I told him I won’t catch a serving alcohol to minors charge, so if he doesn’t like it, he can get the fuck out of here too.

Personally, I don’t know what influenced this type of dream…

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