Somewhere in California

It seems that there were multiple dreams in progress. How one correlates to the other is something I’m still figuring out; but if anyone sees a relation, please point it out to me.

The first one was concerning traveling to California. That I was at the airport and needed to check the bags into the airline office. That someone told me not to worry, that they will take my bags upstairs to the office, just make sure that I am there.

yeah, there is always a voice, whether it is coming from the subconscious, my idea, or outside influence.

There was an unidentified person that I was traveling with, he had taken the bags upstairs to the office. The person wanted to know where my baggage was; as we were going up the escalator, I told him what the other person told me. But the person who I was traveling with didn’t believe me. He thinks that I was tricked and that my bags won’t be there in the office. Even attempting to convince me to go back down the escalator and go and get my bags.

I didn’t listen to him, I wanted to see if my bags would be taken up to the airline office. Sure enough, when I got to the office, my bags were there waiting for me to check it in.

Once in California, I was at a riverbank, and would you believe I was with a family that resembled the Jacksons.

The setting was at some sort of riverbank; with a river flowing in the background. That I was talking with Joe Jackson. He was upset about something, and I was talking him down. We were periodically ingesting some sort of substance. Not sure what it was. But there was a part of the substance that was yellow, and we knew that if we ingested it, unpredictable things would happen.

But of course, we could not help but ingest the yellow part. I tried to avoid ingesting the yellow part, but each time I went to put the non-yellow substance in my mouth, it turned yellow. So, I didn’t ingest it. But Joe Jackson was seen ingesting the yellow part of the substance.

When he ingested it, it made him become paranoid. Then the scene changed, Joe was accusing me of taking away his family from him. He had a knife and was getting ready to stab me.

But I talked him down and told him that his children are grown and that they are making the choice to leave him.

I couldn’t help to think that Joe is upset that his children didn’t want him to manage their careers anymore, was a scene from the movie about the Jacksons I’ve seen a couple of years ago.

Then the scene shifted back to the river. The river was illuminated by the moonlight. Then further downstream, I could see the yellow substance glowing like gold, making the moon-lit sky yellow.

Then there was a shift of scenery to that of a completely different setting.

The setting was that of a church. There was a young woman trapped in the church. She has been trapped in the church for quite some time. The reason why she was put there in that church was because of the circumstances in the household. 

But between the years that she was put into the church, her mother had three more children. Now it was revealed that the mother is a lesbian and that when the young woman was born, she was not wanted. The mother wanted a boy child. Plus, the family wasn’t happy that the mother is a lesbian.

Come to think about it, if the mother is a lesbian, then how is it that her lesbian partner impregnated her? That is the unknown variable especially when she did not go to any doctor to get pregnant through artificial insemination.

But then she had three other children, two other girls, and a boy. Now that she has a boy child, she told her partner that it is time to go get her firstborn from the church.

Not because she really wanted to get the girl out, but she learned that the building that housed the church is set to be demolished. She didn’t want the daughter to perish during the demolition.

The mother and her partner went to the church to retrieve the young woman. However, after they got to the church’s building, and made contact with the young woman and told her that she was put there because she was unwanted and because the mother’s family didn’t approve that she (the mother) is a lesbian.

The young woman became angry; and began arguing with the mother, that she didn’t appreciate being abandoned and let alone trapped in the church. She even told the mother that she should kill her.

It was late, and the mother and her partner decided to spend the night in the church. But what surprised me was that I started to see things through the mother’s partner’s eyes.

However, I saw that the outline of my body was still a male’s outline. I mean, I have zero connection of being a lesbian, so I don’t even know how I ended up being a lesbian partner to another woman, especially when I’m a straight male.

Through my eyes, I saw that my body, appeared as a male, with all the male parts. Go figure.

As we lay down, I told the mother, that I don’t trust the daughter. That she may try to hurt us while we sleep.

So even though we laid down to rest, we slept with one eye open, just in case the daughter tried to do something against us.

When morning came, we got ready to leave. We could not find the daughter anywhere. We looked everywhere in the church and still could not find her. We called out her name, but no answer.

We had to leave because the people were coming to demolish the church’s building in the afternoon.

Then we heard the daughter’s voice, we looked around and still couldn’t see her. Her voice told us where to find her.

We followed the voice, and when we looked to where the voice was coming from; we found her face as one of the church ornaments embedded in the ceiling with the faces of the saints.

I climbed up to the ceiling and pulled her face off the ceiling. The daughter said that she has been trapped in the church all these years, and now it is our turn to be trapped.

She said that she made a deal with the devil, that the price she paid was that she gave the devil her heart to eat.

After the devil ate her heart, he granted her wish. He made her into the ornament and trapped the mother and me in the church. Since she was trapped in the church for all these years, the devil agreed to allow her to keep her soul so that it can move on once the building is demolished.

But the lesbian mother and her partner will experience the pain of physical death in the demolished building. What will become of the lesbian’s soul is unknown, but they will soon find out after their physical death.  

Well, I was mad that the mother and partner (me) were going to experience the physical pain of death. I found a way to break out of the building. When I broke out of the building and went to warn the demolishers that we were still in the building, they could not see or hear me.

Even the person who went into the building to check to see if any person or animal was left inside, did not see or hear the mother or me. They went on and demolished the building…

I don’t see any correlation that connects these three experiences, other than the setting took place in California.  

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