Rain Forest

In this experience, I was in some sort of jungle, or rain forest has part of a research team. Not sure what we’re researching. At this point I was observing the events; I saw that I was in a muddy riverbank, standing on a pile of debris. Then the unexpected happened. The pile of debris turned into the vile creatures of the crocodile, or alligators.

The debris was piles of crocodiles/alligators hibernating. They were waking up, and each one that was waking up was pushed into the waters. I kept on climbing the piles of muddy debris that happen to be hibernating crocodiles/alligators.

Things were going nowhere, the mud pile of the creatures kept on waking up and the. crocodiles/alligators were filling up the waters, and So the other people that were part of the research group that was standing further back on the riverbank got on the radio to call in for assistance.

The scene shifted to that of a military helicopter that was dispatched to come and get us. The gunner was strapped in on the underside of the helicopter.

The helicopter arrived and pulled the researchers out. But it was tricky to pull me off the mud pile.  Crocodiles have known jumpers, and they are capable of jumping and grabbing hold of me, pulling me down into the waters, if the extraction wasn’t done right.

The helicopter came within my grasp, I raised my arms and jumped up, I managed to grab onto the helicopter’s landing rail. The helicopter ascended and I was lifted off the debris, and away from the crocodiles. However, I was hanging onto the helicopter.

The helicopter was cruising above the treetops. Then a big snake decided that the helicopter was prey. The snake looked like a giant Burmese python. The snake was gliding across the treetops. The pilot sighted the snake and the pilot was going to do a maneuver to evade the snake.

But the gunner ( I’m suddenly the gunner) reported that the research team was not strapped in, that any move would result in the research team being thrown out of the helicopter. So, it was decided that the gunner will help strap in the research team.

The gunner had to release his strap and he exited his seat and hang upside down to strap in the research team. When he did this maneuver, he was cussing everybody out, because this action was putting him in a vulnerable position, he was no longer strapped in and could easily fall out of the helicopter.  

But the gunner did a good job and managed to get the research team strapped in their seats. the snake gliding among the treetops was preparing to strike.

The snake strike, and when he did the snake was above the treetops; but luckily, the helicopter ascended faster than the striking snake and was out of its range….

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