Zombie, Aliens & Apocalypse

E. M’s Sunday Ramblings # 8

Zombies, aliens and apocalypse…

Choose one person from history you would want on your team in a zombie apocalypse. Why would you choose them?

I would choose Captain Kirk to be on my team in battling zombies. For the sole reason that he is backed up by Star Fleet and the United Federation of planets. Hundreds if not thousands of ships capable of raining devastating phaser blasts on a planet surface, that could pin point and destroy mass groups of zombies. Not only have they got the might, they have the scientists and technology that can figure out a resolution in stopping zombies.

If all else fails, human survivors can be beamed up to ships and relocated to another planet in the vast planets in the various solar systems of members of the Federation.

What is your weapon of choice in that zombie apocalypse?

This is a difficult choice, If I were to face a bunch of zombies by myself, my weapon of choice for close up action would be a light saber. The weapon of choice to use before the zombie could reach me, would be a hand phaser.

If Mars was to enter the Earth’s atmosphere safely, and it became able to sustain life, would you choose to live on Earth or to check out Mars?

If another planet was to enter Earth’s atmosphere, then either that planet or the earth would be destroyed. Two planets can’t occupy the same place and space. That can only be possible if one of the planets are in a different dimension.

Besides, if the two planets came into close proximate to each other, I suppose that Mars will be the new frontier. Providing opportunity of exploration, and colonization. Perhaps some countries might even empty the prisons and send the criminals to go and carve out a life of their own. A repeat of what took place after Columbus discovered the new world. Except this time it is a new planet. I would go where the opportunity is, if it means staying on earth, then so be it. If it means going to Mars, then so be it as well.  

I don’t know if you ever heard of the “space Zetas” that have the notion that planet X is shadowing the earth and will that it will take up earth’s space, well that was supposed to have happened a few years ago. I haven’t kept up with them for a while, so now I’m not sure what they are ranting about nowadays.

What do you think they keep at Area 51?

Whatever is in Area 51; it is enough for the government to take drastic measures to ensure that no outsiders find their way in.

Not too long ago, Ex Minnesota Governor and pro Wrestling star Jessie “the body” Ventura had a reality show called “Conspiracy.” He took his team to Area 51; when they got to the outskirts of Area 51, he was informed that the guards have shoot to kill orders, if anyone crosses over into Area 51.

The government has many secrets and cover up operations to keep the general public in the dark about certain things, events and the existence of extraterrestrials and technology that is not of this earth, but disclosure will be coming one day.

If you want to know a bit more of what the gov’t is covering up then look right here at www.truegeorge.com in the paranormal category.

 Do you have a favorite show about space or aliens that you enjoy watching?       

You guessed it, my favorite space show is Star Trek. I particular like Star Trek: Deep Space 9. I think that installment of the Star Trek franchise was the best one.

Now I hear that the new one, “Picard” is pretty good. Even though it is the second season, I haven’t seen it yet. Because I don’t think that paying for the streaming CBS channel is worth it. So, I guess that I’m going to wait until it comes to Hulu or Netflix.   

Bonus Question: Do you like to watch zombie movies or television shows?

I used to like watching zombie movies. The original George Romero classic, “Night of the Living Dead” and the first “movie of “Return of the living Dead.” But not anymore because zombie shows all have the same themes. There were some shows that gave mindless zombies some intelligence, there was one film I watched that the zombies didn’t just have a sleepy walk, they ran like the wind, and in one show a zombie even got a woman pregnant. Not a zombie fan, the dead is the dead, decaying bodies cannot rise up, and there is no science behind the dead rising after the body dies.  

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  1. Nah you don’t want Kirk – he’d be too busy chasing women – have Picard instead! Much more of a “ship’s Captain” than Kirk.

    My favourite is also Star Trek but ‘Next Generation’ – I stopped watching after those but my mother liked Deep Space 9 (too many Ferengis for my liking and, being stuck on a space station, they didn’t go anywhere like in the other ST series…

    Earth or Mars? the one with the warmest climate (I guess that’s us).

    And I hate anything to do with zombies – just not my kind of entertainment.


    • It was a toss up between Kirk and Picard and the Klingons, The Klingons would love to use that big blade and cut off a zombie’s head. But, they are not very smart. So I choose Kirk because he is a bit more excited then Picard who a bit of a by the book bore.
      The space station was just a base, like if they were on a planet. But I can assure you that the adventures wasn’t restricted to the space station. The worm hole to the gamma quadrant. The Dominion war, the Klingons war expeditions, Ferengi deceptions, Cadassians secret spy service, the stories were great.
      Yeah, Mars is the next frontier, the gov’t is already there. It is only a matter of time when civilians will start to venture out there too. Space tourism is already happening.
      Zombies are nasty mindless creatures the themes are similar that’s why I don’t like to watch zombie movies anymore..


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