I was taking a class remotely on zoom. The instructor was speaking, then things started to get a bit boring. It seems that I held my head down, even though I could still hear the instructor speak I started to see images that were not associated with the class that I am taking.

The image was that of a street, I was wearing a suit and tie walking down the street. When G.S a childhood friend of mine came walking towards me from the opposite end of the street.

He too was wearing a suit and tie; it was the same type of suit that I was wearing. A black pin-striped suit and black tie.

When we were face to face, G.S asked me a question that sounded like “are you ready to be an usher in church?” What! I wondered why he would ask me such a question.

I gave him the answer, “no.” Then he pushed me, and we started to fight. At that point, my point of view shifted. I was now watching the fight from above. I could see that both of us were doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) on the sidewalk.

The rain had felled, and the sidewalk was wet. We were rolling around the suit what we were wearing; the suit became wet while were rolled, yet the BJJ moves looked like it was a good match. In reality, we would have injured ourselves doing those grappling moves on a concrete surface.

There was no apparent winner of the street match-up; then suddenly the scenery disappeared. The scene changed. It looked like I was at some sort of dry cleaner, or Taylor shop. I saw a row of clothes in plastic covering hanged up. I had my suit on, but I didn’t have any pants on. I had a towel wrapped around my waist.

I was in front of an ironing board, ironing my pants. Then G.S busted in and we started to fight again, I wasn’t ready so I ended up on my back and GS was sliding me across the floor like he was cleaning the floor with my back. The grappling continued until I realized that I was not paying attention to the class, that’s when the dream experience ended…

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