Recreational Center

 Ran some errands this morning and stopped by Fort Hamilton to buy a cigar; it has been a couple of months since I had a cigar. I smoked the cigar while driving back home. I don’t know what it was with this brand of cigar, it didn’t feel smooth and it actual got me a high, and there was an after taste. I won’t be buying that brand of cigar anymore.

Feeling the effects of the cigar, my thoughts were that I need to relax to help the body purge some of the effects. So, I laid down, and as I laid down, perhaps my mind touched on that I should check out the recreation center that a friend was telling me about.

My friend thought it was a new recreation center, but I knew that it wasn’t the case. Because the recreation center is located in the housing projects that is across the street from the High School that I used to attend many moons ago. Its ironic that the High School’s basketball team used to play the home games in the recreation center, and the baseball and soccer teams used the recreation field to train. I never did set foot in the recreation building at all.

I felt myself getting up and getting back into the car and drove down to the location, and before I parked the car, I drove around the project buildings to the entrance of the recreation center to see if it was open.

I saw that the recreation center was open, so I parked the car on the corner across the street from the projects. I wanted to see my old High School building to see if it looked the same, but  when I looked down the street but I didn’t see the school building. I didn’t pay it any mind, since I came to the area to go to the recreation center.

When I got to the recreation’s center entrance there was a line, I saw a cop talking to some people on the line. Since there was a line, I decided to walk around the project grounds.

While walking I saw a group of women, they walked up to a Police car and was talking to the cops sitting in the car. Suddenly, I saw one of the women fall flat on her back. At my next glance at the police car and the women, I saw that the woman that fell flat on her back was tazed by the Police. I don’t why she was tazed, I wasn’t going to stick around to find out.

I was walking back to the recreation center’s entrance when that same Police car that had the officers that tazed the woman came driving around on the same path that I was walking on.

The Police car over took me, and as it was going by, one of the cops put his head out the windows and asked if any one saw his sergeant ; the two other people walking behind me did not answer them. But I gave them an answer. I said that there is a cop by the recreation center’s entrance; I don’t know if he is the sergeant.

But then I saw that same cop walking on the path on the right side coming towards the Police car. When he got up to the car, they were talking. I said to myself, I guess he is their sergeant.    

When I got back to the recreation center, the line was no longer there, so I went into the building.

When I entered the lobby, the organization that runs the center was giving away jugs. The jugs were different, the largest could hold a gallon of water. I took all the sizes and put them in the largest jug.

I told the receptionist that I just want to look around, I wondered if the center have a weight room. The receptionist gave me permission to go check out things.

I went in and was following a group of people to the main part of the center. The main part housed a bowling alley.

There were families in the bowling alley enjoying themselves bowling; I found it pretty impressive that a bowling alley would be in a recreation center when I expected it to house a gym and swimming pool.

As impressive as it was, I didn’t come to the recreation center to bowl. I wanted to find the weights to see if they had machines or free weights or a combination of both.

I looked up and saw a sign that directed the way to the weightlifting gym. I followed the signs. When I was walking through the corridor there was a white line going down the middle of the floor and for each step there was a big white dot one each side of the white line.

There were people going down the corridor and they were doing what looked to be a wavy hip  dance move, from a white dot on the left side of the white line, to a dot on the right side of the line; and the same wavey dance move from the dot on the right side of the line to the dot on the left side of the line.

I said to myself since everyone is moving like that, so will I, and I imitated what the other people were doing.   

Then I came to the area where I thought the weightlifting gym was. There was a sauna outside the gym doors; it looked like an old fashion sauna, wondered if there was a steam bath; I looked around but didn’t see a steam bath.

When I opened the white doors to the gym’s entrance. I didn’t see a gym, but a swimming pool. The pool was being filled up with water and not ready for use.

I looked up at the sign, weightlifting weight room. The sign was lit up in black letters and a illuminated white background.

I stumbled on another room; this room had a game I see at a fairground. It has loops around large numbers. Something like a shuffleboard game. Except this was not a cruise ship.

Right next to the shuffleboard game, I saw batting cages on the right side. A bat was handed to me and I went to the batting cage and hit a couple of balls. Then I went in the area where the shuffleboard and there was another door leading to the weight room.

When I finally got to the weight room I saw that the recreational center only have one of those home benches and one weight bar and two forty five pound weights that were on the weight bar.

I said to myself, this is no good, I can’t do any weightlifting here. So I started to make my way out of the recreational center. With the thoughts that since I’m in the area, the second gig isn’t too far and it its almost time to clock in I’ll just go clock in and then tell my work partner to hold me down while I go home and get my laptop.

But then I found myself waking up in my bedroom, still tasting the after taste of that cigar.

Perhaps this was more of an out of body experience, then a lucid dream. I felt the cold air when I was outside, and really thought I was at the recreational center. But I should have known and recognized the variations in the environment.

Like the fact that my old High School building was not across the street from the projects. When in reality it is. That the walkway in the projects is big enough for a car to drive through, when in reality it isn’t….

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