Chasing Sammy

Boy was this a strange one, and for some reason, it was centered around Sammy Davis Jr. Not that I’m a Sammy Davis Jr fan, I’m wondering, how is it that out of all the people that the subconscious constructed it would be Sammy Davis Jr; Go figure.

Well, it started with me observing a group of people making a trip someplace to South America. It was kind of distorted how the group got to South America and why they were going there in the first place.

When they got to where they were going; I saw that it was on this big piece of land, perhaps a ranch and the ranch house was a mansion. There was some type of function going on inside the mansion.

Then I saw someone who looked a lot like Sammy Davis jr he was ranting claiming that he was a direct descendent of Sammy Davis and he was demanding his inheritance.

Now my point of view became as though I was a participant in this dream. When the dude who looked like Sammy Davis was ranting about getting his inheritance, I was like why tell us?

 Then another person that looked like Sammy Davis jr showed up. The second one was named Sammy Davis Rojas. He is the brother of the first person that looked like Sammy Davis.   

Then an angry looking woman came, and she was shouting “his gone!” His Gone!” Come to find out that the original Sammy Davis Jr was being held captive and he somehow escaped. But guess who got the blame for making him escape.

Our group had no clue what was going on. But we discovered that the woman was the two Sammy Davis look a likes mother, and that she was a pretty powerful and rich woman.

But the family was greedy and wanted to claim Sammy Davis’s estate. As I was observing the events, the mother had her goon guards with automatic weapons come after the group because the family are blaming the group for the original Sammy Davis jr escape.

So the group ran and evaded the goons, getting out the mansion and making their way from South America, back to North America.

After a while there was news that the original Sammy Davis was located in Europe and he made his way to North America because the woman’s goons and her look a like Sammy Davis sons found out where he was and they were chasing him.

Then the group ran into the original Sammy Davis and now since the woman had the group in her cross hairs, the group decided to see if they can help out the original Sammy Davis and hide him.  

Then there was a scene that the group along with the original Sammy Davis was having breakfast in a mall. Donkin Donuts was open and the group was sitting at a table. When one of the group went to order breakfast from Donkin Donuts, he found that McDonalds was open and also serving breakfast.

McDonald’s breakfast is better than Donkin Donuts breakfast. So he went to McDonalds instead. Ordered the breakfast, but the Woman’s goons came into McDonalds and sat at a table.

The woman’s goons did not realize that the individual from the group was also in McDonalds. The goons were on a phone talking to the woman, and it was revealed that she lost her estate and land chasing the original Sammy Davis, she doesn’t know how long she can keep it up.

The person from the group, saw the goons and snuck out to warn the other group members and the original Sammy Davis that the goons were nearby.

The goons spotted the individual, and another chase was on…what was the outcome of this never-ending chase. True_George will never know. It’s the nature of dreams that you’re being chased but never get caught. But in this instance, why a group and why Sammy Davis?  

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  1. I’m often just like that when people are going on about something – I think ‘why tell us/me?’

    I always think the whole of South America, except perhaps Ecuador, sounds like a hellhole – don’t think I’d ever go to most countries there!

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