Bagging a Snake

            I was working after hours at the government office where I make the daily bread functioning as a supervising gov’t bureaucrat. Working on some tasks that over time can become tedious and a bit boring. But on this day, the energy of the atmosphere was draining. The negativity of dealing with the public and the demands of the managing gov’t bureaucrats was very taxing on this day.

 I had plans to go to the dojo and participate in the advance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, its been two weeks since my last work out, and I wanted to get back in my routine. It’s too bad that the Professor hasn’t re-established the after eight PM instruction or the morning classes since the dojo reopened after the pandemic shutdown.

 Sometimes, while doing bureaucratic work, time flies quickly and the next thing I know that it’s past 7:30 pm, which is too late to leave and make it to the work out instructions. I guess I need to be more disciplined and leave when I plan to leave regardless of whether the bureaucratic tasks are completed or not.

On this day, as I was working on the bureaucratic tasks, and the overwhelming feeling of being drained hit me. I started to see images that resembled my kitchen. In the kitchen, I saw the image of girlfriend and she had some kind of a black canvas bag with her.

Girlfriend put the bag on the floor; and unzipped it, then a snake popped out of it. It was a small snake, it seemed to look like a rattle snake. The snake wasn’t that big, but big enough in my view.

The snake crawled up the kitchen wall, and girlfriend decided to go catch it before it disappeared.

Girlfriend grabbed the snake at the base of its head. Being that she didn’t grab the head, she didn’t have any real control over the snake. The snake was thrashing around until girlfriend let go of it. The snake went on to crawl up the kitchen wall again. Where it was going nobody knows.

Girlfriend grabbed a broom and used the broom handle to push the snake lower to the ground so that she can grab it again. This time around, she grabbed the snake by the head and handled the snake properly.

Girlfriend unzipped that bag and put the snake back in it. Except this time around, the bag wasn’t the black canvas bag, it was a see-through bag that looked like a big plastic zip lock bag.

When girlfriend put the snake in this large zip lock bag and zipped it up, the bag was kind of puffy because it was filled with air. For example, think like when you put something like a sandwich in a zip lock bag and you zip it up but not all the way because you have to push the air out so that the sandwich doesn’t spoil. Well, it was like that after girlfriend put the snake in the bag. Except for that girlfriend did not push the air out, after all if she would have left a small space before zipping the bag right up, the snake would have crawled out the bag.

So, now the snake was in this big durable see through zip lock bag, and inside the bag became fogged up because of the snake’s breathing.

As I observed the events, I said to myself, I wonder how long its going to take the snake to die, because since there was no way that air could get in the ziplock bag, it is only a matter of time before the snake will suffocate.

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