The Children

At the start of this experience, I saw images of the apartment where I used to live while going to high school. There were some variations of the apartment’s set up. One of those variations was the location of the fire escape and the couch. The couch is located adjacent to the window where the fire escape is located.

It was nighttime and I was laying on the couch, when I heard some noise on the fire escape, at first, I didn’t think anything of it. But I heard some more noise, when I lifted the curtain to look out the window to see where the noise was coming from. I saw four homeless children making their way up onto the fire escape. The children were attempting to open the window to enter the apartment.

The appearance of the children looked kind of unsettled, kind of like the pictures you see of children laborers during the early days of the industrial revolution. Children that were exploited for their labor aged, looking like old men and women with the body of a child. The children in this experience also looked kind of evil, with intensions to be intrusive. I had a feeling that if I let them in the apartment, that they would not be willing to leave.

I asked them, “what do you want?”  They said that they were hungry. At first, I wanted them gone, but I knew that they will resist, so I decided to assist them and give them something to eat.

My mother had left some marinated meat covered up on the kitchen table; I didn’t want to give them any of that, I went into the fridge to see what was in there. I saw a big bag of beef jerky.

I didn’t want to give them all the beef jerky, so I search around for a plastic bag, to pour some of the beef jerky in it.

When I started to pour the beef jerky in the plastic bag, I saw white rice come out the beef jerky’s bag first and then the beef jerky and gravy. I then took it to the children.

When they were eating the beef jerky, figures that represented my siblings came in the room. Then one of the children glared at the figure of my sister. Glaring at her just like a vampire that wants to hypnotize his victim, perhaps wanting to influence the figure into allowing them to come inside the apartment.

I recognized things for what it was and interrupted the attempt of that child taking control of my sister’s mind. Then for some reason I left the room to check up on something. Maybe to see if my parents were there.

When I came back, I saw that the children, were sitting on the windowsill. They were facing out towards the fire escape, but their backs were inside the apartment. I found that my siblings were allowing that they gradually insert themselves in the apartment.

I came back in time to see that they were not all the way in. I told them to get back on the fire escape, that my father will be mad if they were in the apartment and will kick them out anyway.

The children got back onto the fire escape, but they were still attempting to become friendly with my siblings. The family cat came and was jumping on the couch to go out onto the fire escape. I didn’t want the cat to go on the fire escape, because it would give the children some leverage if they got a hold of the cat. So, I grabbed the cat, and put him in another room. The cat was not happy when I did that and tried to jump out of my arms.

After I put the cat in the other room and closed the door so that he wouldn’t get out to come back to the living room. I came back to see the children had a small dog and my siblings allowed the small dog to enter the apartment.

I did not want the dog to be in the apartment, so I picked up the small dog, and made sure that it was back on the fire escape with the children.

 The children were still attempting to gain influence over my siblings. Especially my sister, I foiled their attempts and closed the window, hoping that they will go away now that their bellies are full after eating the beef jerky and rice.

They were out there for a while before they started to move on. I couldn’t help to think that they acted like vampires. Perhaps an intruding entity in disguise looking to intrude on me. Perhaps the figures that represented my siblings may have been aspects of the subconscious; the children attempted to infiltrate it and get a hold so that they can invade. But my conscious wouldn’t allow it. Denying them permission to enter, even protecting the curious mind by closing it off from being captured. 

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