Killing The Cat

In this experience, when I came back home from the day’s work as a gov’t bureaucrat, I found that my front door couldn’t lock. I don’t know why, the lock was broken, I had to put a large trunk behind the door to keep anyone from pushing the door open.

There was a figure that I felt represented my son. He was having some type of psychiatric episode. He was saying some crazy things, then he said that he was going to kill the cat.

Come to think about it, I haven’t seen the cat since I came home. I demanded to know what he has done to the cat. He responded that I will never find the cat.

But, I had an idea where he put the cat. He put the cat behind a wall and sealed it up. I took down the sealed wall and freed the cat.

The cat was alive, but in bad shape. But the strange thing is that I could see the cat’s spine, and his left paw was dangling, then it fell off.

I picked up the cat’s paw and attached it back to its body. Then when my son saw that the cat was freed, he started to act crazier.

I called EMS to get an ambulance to take my son to the psych ward. But when I called the 911 dispatch, I was placed on hold, then the phone got disconnected.

Meanwhile my son started to get physical, attempting to get the cat and kill if. I had to restrain my son. I had him under one arm, while I had the phone in the other arm waiting for the 911 dispatcher.

Eventually, the paramedics showed up along with some cops, and they pushed the front door open. Then I handed my son over to them.

It is ironic that my son shrank to the size of a large doll when I handed him off to EMS.

After that I took the cat to the vet so that he could get some medical attention.

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