This last couple of weeks have been eventful, first I went down south to check this woman that I’ve been talking to for a while. What I thought might be a wonderful weekend, turned out to be anything but wonderful. Yeah, my instinct told me not to make any effort with this woman, the last time I interacted with her, it was a big turn off. Well, what did I expect this time around, some women are just no good for anything, not even sex. They’re just a waste of sperm.

From there, I took a little trip to the west coast; had a good couple of days. When I got back to the big apple, I got agitated, after I found out that there were some unauthorized ATM withdraws from one of my bank accounts. The particular account is with a federal credit union bank. I don’t know how the culprit was able to get an ATM card, call the bank and change the PIN. What also pissed me off was that the withdrawals exceeded the max daily limit restrictions. 

The bank is claiming that the transactions were legitimate since I have procession of the alleged ATM card. Still, that leaves unknown questions, given that the first unauthorized withdrawals took place at one of their branches. The bank was not being helpful, all they said is that an investigation will be initiated. Well, I guess I won’t be expecting the bank to re-imburse the stolen funds. In the meantime, I’m going to divert my direct deposits to another account at a different bank. I am done with this account and bank.

So now whether these life events had influenced over this dream, I’m pondering the thought.

First, it began with me seeing images of my apartment, then I got the feeling that girlfriend was not happy that I haven’t visited her for a while. She thinks that I’m involved with another woman. But I plead the 5th for argument’s sake.

I went to her house, and I was talking to her adult son RT. He was showing me something that looked like a camera. It had a light where the lens was supposed to be. When the light was turned on, it transported him to a place where he had in his mind where he wanted to be.

I decided to see if that contraption would work for me. So, RT held my hand and told me to think of a place where I wanted to be. For test purposes, I thought to be transported to my apartment. 

When, the light was turned on, I found that I was transported to my apartment, to the room where I wanted to be. After that, we transported back to girlfriend’s house.

Now that I know it works, I can transport myself to girlfriend’s house, so now I don’t have the aggravation of driving up town.

RT decided to transport himself elsewhere, leaving me alone with girlfriend. After RT transported away, there was some money left on the bed in place where he transported from. It looked like $400.00, so I put it in my pocket before girlfriend found out that the money was there.

Then there was a shift of scenery, it was of a hallway that looked like that of a childhood friend’s building. I was there in the hallway, when I saw that there was some type of shelter for children, that was established by the government agency where I make my living as a government bureaucrat.

There was a glass door leading into the shelter. Yet, the glass door was too small to fit into the door frame. The door was unable to close and be locked. It was like a glass swing door.

I saw some teens who were residents come and go. For some reason, when I went in, I saw that the reception area was a library. The thing is that there were plants in front of the bookshelves.

Then, I found myself back in the hallway. I sighted a grown-up version of my childhood friend WF. Back in the day, I used to hang with him, but suddenly, all he wanted to do was to stay in the house watching TV. When I went to check him, I didn’t want to hang around his house with him, I wanted to go outside and play in a scrimmage football game, or basketball game. I stopped hanging out with him for that reason. 

So, now that I see the adult version of him in this experience. I called out to him and greeted him. But WF was pissed off, I got the feeling that he was still mad because I didn’t want to just hang with him in the house all day.

He called me names, and when he was going into his apartment, he called me a faggot. But his mother heard what he said, and she shouted at him saying not to use that type of language in her house. WF, lied to his mother and said that I was the one who was calling him a faggot. The mother got upset and demanded that she see me.

I didn’t want to see her, so I made my way to the shelter, I went to the bathroom and locked myself in it.

But WF’s mother knew where I was, and she was banging on the door, demanding to speak to me. She was at the door, until I got tired and opened the door to deal with her. The conversation was kind of distorted; but it was revealed that WF was a liar.

Then there was another shift in scenery; this time it was something totally unrelated. I was in the street, when I saw a pick-up truck driving by; it had the guidon from my old unit 1/258 FA sticking outside the window.

I looked to see if I recognized the driver of the vehicle, but I did not recognize the old man. Then I found myself driving a car, I passed a truck who had some soldiers from my old unit in it. I recognized one of them. It was CS. I called out to him, and said, “ hey CS you motherfucker,” as the car was approaching the truck. When the car was passed the truck. I heard a soldier in the truck tell the driver, that he should not take being called a motherfucker.

The scene shifted again to where the truck was. The truck was pulling a howitzer. There was another howitzer behind the first howitzer. There was a third howitzer behind the second howitzer that needed to be pulled.

I took out some sort of a belt around my waist. Then I put it around the howitzer and started pulling it. I found that I was in a parade, while pulling the howitzer, I bragged to  the marchers and spectators, that I don’t need a truck, to move the howitzer…..

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  1. Hello True George,

    Hopefully the banking issues are sorted out now, that was messed up, and I hope that your new bank will do a better job securing your account.

    Using a device to teleport instead of trying to do it on your own in a dream is something that I need to try to remember, so that I can try it in a dream.

    Teleporting in dreams is cool, I have only done it a few times after a female dream character taught me once.

    Thank you for sharing your dream.

    – John Jr

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your welcome….
      Haven’t heard from you in a while, hope things are all right with you.
      All that other bank was doing is giving me the run around, I expect nothing favorable from them concerning the stolen funds.
      Sometimes I forget that to transport yourself from place to place or even time only requires a thought and a desire. No machine is necessary. But we think as we think in the physical world so we think we need the aid of a machine…


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