Lost Duffle Bag

For the past couple of weeks I’ve not been recording any dream experience as I should. Usually, I hold memories 24 to 48 hours before they begin to fade. But for some reason, I have not been retaining memories that makes sense after six hours. Maybe there is some sort of switch in energy. I guess it is another thing that I would have to evaluate.

The setting of this latest dream occurred at Fort Dix. I’ve been coming to Fort Dix for over twenty years when I was an active member of the National Guard. However the feeling that I got from this experience felt like the last time I was there, living at Fort Dix full time during the period when I was on medical hold over.

First it was concerning going to the chow hall for dinner. Usually I don’t eat the army prepared chow. I opt to buy food from the post’s neighboring restaurants. But in this experience, I went to the chow hall and was standing in line to get in the Dfac (dining facility). When there was a list of the specific food that one can get.

I saw my name on the roster and I put my signature next to my name. Then I was given the meal that was designated to me. While I was walking with my designated food to a table, I saw a figure resembling  SSgt. Fryermon. He was the 4th platoon, 3rd squad leader. Its been a while since I’ve seen SSgt. Fryermon I approached him to greet him and maybe have a conversation with him.

When I walked up to him I dropped some of the food; it was some sort of sandwich, but before it could hit the ground I caught it. Not only did I have the speed to catch the sandwich, I caught it behind my back while holding my dinner tray.

I spoke to SSgt Fryermon, I can’t recall the nature of the conversation. After I finished speaking to him, I heard that Fort Dix was closing down. It was going to become an inactive post. It was not going to be totally inactive because the Federal Correctional facility on post is still going to be operating. Plus, the National Guard and Army reserve will still conduct their training exercises when they have their weekend drills.

When I went outside the Dfac, I could see personal moving equipment out of the various barracks. I could see unit convoys leaving Fort Dix. On all the barracks and the various unit operation centers I could see personal taking the green awnings that is located at the entrance of the various barracks and  various operation centers being removed.

But the strange thing about all this was that the modern barracks buildings on Fort Dix, changed to resemble the World War II era barracks.

Well, since things were shutting down, and entire units leaving fort Dix, I decided to go and pack up my stuff. I went to my assigned barracks and put everything in my duffel bag.  After I did that I put the duffel bag in the day room to collect it later on.

I wanted to take pictures of this historic moment capturing the various units on Fort Dix vacating the post. I had in my mind to take before and after pictures. But decided on taking after pictures. I have enough pictures of Fort Dix in its operational moments. I’m just going to take pictures of the shutting down activity.

I went in my pocket to get my cell phone, but it seems that the cell phone needed to be charged. So I couldn’t use it. But in my other pocket, I have a camera. It was a manual camera, and it had a full roll of film in it.

As I was taking pictures of personal down sizing and the various units convoying out of Fort Dix, with many barracks turning into World War II era barracks. I went into one of the buildings that still looked like a modern barrack building.

When I was in the building, I saw that it was vacant. There were no furniture, beds, nor office equipment. The floor was shiny and a water fountain in the corner. The atmosphere looked and felt eerie. Then, someone snuck up to me, tapped my shoulder startling me.

It was two soldiers, they were wearing World War II era uniforms; they said that they were lost, and were asking for directions. I didn’t know what to tell these two lost souls, until I saw a formation of soldiers, walking single file through the building’s hall way.

The formation of soldiers all had on the same world war II era uniforms that the two soldiers who were asking me directions had on. My thoughts were that the two soldiers belong to that unit, so I told them to follow the other soldiers, because they are going to the place where they should be going.

The two soldiers, refused to follow the other soldiers walking down the hall way in a single file. The two-soldiers said that those soldiers are going to a place that is not so good. That they don’t want to go there, it will mess them up.

I didn’t know what to tell those two soldiers. They started to follow me around while I was walking taking pictures. I told them to get lost, but they were still following me.

When the film in the camera ran out, I decided to head back to my barracks to get my duffel bag and leave post. The only thing is that I could not remember my barracks building number. I was searching the grounds, but still could not find the barracks.

The two soldiers were following me around, they were no help. I went to the area where my unit was staying during our pre deployment training. My duffel bag was not in that building. I went to the barracks where I stayed when I was on medical hold over, but there was a world war II era barracks in that  location.

This dream had no ending, I was just wandering around Fort Dix looking around for my duffel bag…

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  1. Thank you for sharing your dream True George.

    I have been recording my dreams, but failing to post most of them on my blog; I have gotten behind at various times over the last few years.

    I would have been cool to see that part in the dream where you caught the sandwich.

    The part where the inside of the barracks had a shiny floor and was mostly empty and felt creepy reminded me of a dream where I saw a bathroom that looked too shiny & clean & it felt so creepy that I did not enter it.

    – John Jr


    • Yeah, the barracks shiny floors and being empty save a water fountain felt creepy, The soldiers in the WW II uniforms were soldiers from the pass….
      I guess I’m going to have to do a better job recording the dreams,
      Thanks for commenting

      Liked by 1 person

      • To me, those soldiers from the past seemed like maybe ghosts or something.

        I have a bad habit of not blogging my recorded dreams every day now, at least they are recorded somewhere, though.

        I still have voice recorded dreams, including several lucid dreams, from 2020 to 2021, that I have saved at my email, fortunately, because they got deleted from my audio recorder app when I got a new phone.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yeah, its just like what you said ghosts from the past…
          I’ve never recorded dreams using an audio recorder, it was always done by pen and paper. But I did briefly used the Word feature of voice to write. I say my thoughts and the computer would write what I say. Then I edit what was written…


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