During the last couple of weeks, it was extremely difficult working at the government office where I make the daily bread as a government bureaucrat. As some of you may be aware of the political situation involving the great City of New York and the State of Texas.  This political wangling is the result of the Biden administration policies on the United States southern border. The policies resulted in a surge of illegal border crossing and the exploitation of the asylum request process by people migrating from Venezuela, mixed in with people from various South American countries.

Okay, let’s back track for a minute. The United States has not really enforced their immigration policies for many years. When Trump was elected to the presidency, he made an attempt to secure the border. But since Trump was an unpopular character to many, his efforts were scrutinized.

Many democratic run cities declared themselves to be considered sanctuary cities; given haven to undocumented aliens and not cooperating with Federal Immigration authorities.    

The President Trump’s opponents wanted an open border policy, where anyone could approach a legal port into the United States and request asylum. The person requesting asylum will then be granted a temporary status and be given a date to appear before an immigration judge who would hear their case. They would be released and free to enter the United States on the condition that they keep their court date. If they don’t show up to court, they will be subjected to deportation.

Due to the caravans making their way to the Southern border, Trump made a deal with Mexico to process asylum requests in Mexico, so that those requesting asylum can vetted. In addition to that, the Trump administration invoked Title 42, a 1944 law that allows the gov’t to halt migrants from entering the US if it is suspected that are carrying a contagious disease or virus. Since it was not proven that migrants had the COVID 19 virus or was vaccinated, it largely suspended the asylum request policy of releasing asylum seekers into the country pending a court date.

The presidency changed hands, to the Biden administration. now that Biden is in office the title 42 suspension was ended. The policy of having an open border was now in effect.  As a result there has been a surge in people crossing the southern border. Some doing it legally and some doing it illegally.     

Either way, the number of people crossing the borders have started to overwhelm the towns and cities on the Southern border in Texas and Arizona. Those border town and cities requested assistance from the Biden administration, but did not receive any.

The Texas Governor decided to start a program to give the border towns relief. The program was to put these migrants on a bus and send them to one of the sanctuary cities.

Among those sanctuary cities would be New York City. The Texas Governor figured that New York has certain programs in place that the border towns don’t have, plus since the migrant advocates and Bide administration do not have a clue what is really going on at the Southern border, it will give them a dose of reality.  The first buses did not bring in much people, but then the daily bus drop offs began to become more frequent with increased number of buses.

Now the number of migrants arriving in the city began to get the attention of city officials, then the back a fourth political wrangling. New York City officials requesting assistance from the state and federal gov’t. Blasting the Texas Governor’s office for the action of busing tens of thousands of migrants without notifying the city or having some sort of coordination.

So, now that the migrants are in New York, the first stop for them is a homeless shelter and the following day, they arrive in droves at the local public assistance office.

For the shelter system, the numbers swelled to the highest levels in the history of New York. The Mayor stating that the shelter system is beginning to bust at the seams. The capacity in the public assistance offices were so much that it exceeded fire safety standards.  

Even at true George’s government office, the migrants came in droves. Between the migrants and the regular clientele coming into the gov’t office for gov’t services, the day wasn’t finished until at least 10:00pm.

Great in over time pay, but the downside is that every gov’t assistance and services started to be neglected. The whole situation just got out of hand. Then our mayor declared a state of emergency. Given the number of influx of migrates into the system it will become unsustainable, it will only be a matter of time before the bubble will burst.

Even Slick Willie, former President Bill Clinton weighed his opinion, stating that disruptions will occur if the country continues to accept limitless amounts of migrants.

Washington remained silent on the issue, until suddenly title 42 was invoked slamming the breaks on the open border policy.

Well, it looks like someone woke up Sleepy Joe, or was it that the incompetent Vice President Harris who was suppose to oversee that Southern border operations got tired of seeing migrants exiting the bus outside her residence that Texas sent. Or did the woke rich folks in Martha’s Vineyard started to complain that migrants were being sent into their neighborhoods.

In any event, woke people and advocates now realize that the open border policy is not pragmatic, and that the amount of people entering will be ridicules and unsustainable. Some may say that since it is mid election season, and people are pissed off about the illegal immigration, Washington decided to stop the nonsense.

All True George knows that the capacity at the gov’t office has returned back to normal, now that that the gov’t has smelled the coffee, Texas has announced that they will no longer send busloads of illegal immigrants to New York City. A sigh of relief, now True George can leave the gov’t office and still have an evening life.


  1. I’m sorry that you and your colleagues had a tough time but think what the Texan Governor did was brilliant! What a wake-up call – just a shame you all had to sort it out!

    If only the people in these countries realised that, if they all crowd into a single country en masse, they’ll turn that country into the same hellhole they left!


    • I guess when you work for gov’t whatever political decision is made will affect you in some way.
      Yes, the Texas Governor indeed gave those woke progressives a wakeup call, the denials and cluelessness is beyond comprehension. Would you believe the sanctuary city officials actually ended up lobbying for more controls at the border
      There used to be a time when people migrating for economic reasons were not qualified to ask for asylum. It was meant for people being persecuted or refugees seeking refuge from war.
      Most of the migrants are young men many of them have a gang or criminal background,rumor has it that Venezuela emptied their prisons and mental institutions and told the former inmates to go north…


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