Levels of Influence

There are three levels of basic mind control and each level corresponds to a psychology school of thought.

Level 1: Indoctrination

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Level one is the type of techniques that appeals to the conscious mind. The psychology school of thought that is associated with level one mind control is cognitive psychology. This branch of psychology deals with the mental processes, which includes how people think, remember, learn and perceive. The mind control technique that is used is information that appeals to a person’s reasoning through education and indoctrination.
Control through education is where someone takes a class on something that they want to do, or an activity or even joining an organization. They learn the do’s and the don’ts in essence control through education is based on rules and regulations. If a person does not know the rules and regulations, they will receive instructions and caution that not following those rules will not put you on the road to success in other words one must conform.


C ideologyThe second aspect of level 1 mind control is ideology indoctrination. Ideology means nothing but how a person views the world. This included beliefs, concepts, ideas, etc. Indoctrination means the type of education and the level of education that a person has that supports their worldview. The indoctrination includes the level of religious, political and scientific knowledge.


propaganda media

Propaganda ( https://truegeorge.com/2015/08/01/propaganda/) is based on level1 mind control the word propaganda is simply means information that is selective with the goal to educate other in a particular worldview with the control of information.

Level 2: Behaviorism

Level 2-mind control is the type that corresponds to the subconscious mind. The psychology school of thought that level 2-mind control is based on is behavioral psychology. The behavioral school is also known as behaviorism takes the position that all learning is acquired through conditioning. There are two types of conditioning that dominates behaviorism it is classic conditioning and operate condition.

Ivan Pavlov who conducted the famous experiment that linked a condition response to a stimulus first observed classic conditioning. In the case of Pavlov he had his dog salivate (conditioned response) at the sound of a bell. The MK Ultra program took this to the extreme by doing experiments by taking an individual subject link them to an environmental stimulus, the stimulus can even be a word which is supposed to trigger a behavior. In other words the Manchurian Candidate.
The other type of conditioning is operate condition which was developed by the famous Psychologist B.F Skinner is based on conditioning via rewards and punishment which are used to reinforce the type of behavior that is wanted.
Hypnosis falls under level 2 mind control due to commands can be implanted to the sub-conscious and it can be done in a formal manner of informally. Punishment, duress is also a level 2 mind control technique. This associates a behavior with discomfort and/or pain. Other techniques or terms that fall under lever 2 mind controls are:
• Brainwashing
• De-patterning
• Political education
• Religious De-programming

Level 3: Biology

C biology

Mind control through biology is level 3. The field that is associated with level 3-mind control is the medical practice of psychiatry. This is an attempt to control behavior through physical means such:
• mind altering drugs
• electronic implants in the brain
• electro- shock therapy
• Surgical brain operations


  1. Yes, I like that song; especially the line “we don’t need no thought control…”
    As a society we do need organized education after all learning how to read, write and to do mathematics is essential. It is a place where children learn to socialize and opens the door to opportunity for exceptional athletes and the academic inclined.
    However, the education system is used to further the cause of gov’t and other special interest groups. The schools do not teach application of knowledge, they do not encourage thinking out the box, they promote that people should act like sheep and never question what is being taught. Any school that say what they teach is absolute, you should ask for your money back and go elsewhere……… I’m against the distortion of information and lies told in HIStory class as well as its my way or the highway perspective


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