Daily Prompt: The Truth is Relative

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Doubters Alert.”

Truth is relative, what may be true to one man may be a lie to another. So it all depends what is being told based on the information that is available at that point in time. Hench, that type of truth is not set in stone and is subjected to change as new information becomes available.
Beliefs are also relative. The exceptional thing with a belief is that the belief does not have to have to be factual, the belief does not have to have any basis and it does not have to make any logical sense what’s so ever. So it all depends on how a person feels and how that person is indoctrinated. A wise man once said, if you can change the way a person feels about something, they will change their mind about their beliefs in a heartbeat.
The commonly accepted truth that I doubt is tradition. That everyone has a predestined role to play. Sometimes it takes a lot to break the cycle, but if you truly feel that you don’t fit into the cycle then it’s time to get those bolt cutters and cut the chain and get on the path that you were meant to be on, but you have to be able to say good bye to those that hold you back from going on your journey.


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