Practice..? Maybe Tomorrow

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lazy Learners.”     

I can’t say I’ve been lazy learning something I really want to do, but sometimes you may have to find time to practice to get better at it. I finally fulfilled a dream of learning how to play a musical instrument. Spent money on lessons, played in the school’s show case and even learned how to read sheet music, the basic stuff; but then one day I just stopped practicing. I look at the guitar case and say to myself, I’ll play at least an hour a day. But it never happens. One day I’ll pick it back up until that day comes, whenever that be, I’ll just look at the guitar case knowing my expensive guitar isn’t going anywhere…… much for living one of your dreams, but check out the last show case your’s truly is in the middle…..


  1. Hello True George,

    I had no idea that you had a guitar, that you knew how to play it, that you had a YouTube channel, and that you had a video of yourself playing the guitar; congratulations, and thank you for sharing this. 👍

    I assume that was an acoustic steel string guitar in the video, was it a dreadnought style or another style, and what brand and model was it?

    I used to want to learn to play guitar and/or piano back when I was in public school but they did not teach those musical instruments and I did not know where I could get lessons in the small city that I grew up in, and so I never learned to play either instrument (I did play baritone for one year school before quitting band because of the teacher and lack of interest in that instrument).

    Years later after dropping out of college and wanting to return to college again later I bought a budget classical acoustic nylon string guitar (strings, hard case, and an electric tuner/whatever) wanting to learn to play fingerstyle, and I was going to pay for lessons (and I even paid for a French language course at the Alliance Française) at a symphony orchestra & conservatory in the city that I was trying to go to college to but I could not find a job so I had to return home before I ran out of money so I never got to take the French course that I paid for and I never got to pay for or start the classical guitar lessons.

    So my classical guitar is still sitting in its hard case in a storage building years later.

    -John Jr

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    • Yes I have a You tube channel I had in my mind to to up load music videos of the vinyl records. I started doing some but it was time consuming and I am a busy person; time was devoted doing other stuff.
      In the back of my mind I always wanted to learn how to play an instrument it is ironic given that the schools where I went to taught classical music and made us listen to the music and learn something about the composers, had a choir, made the student body sing but did not have a program to teach or introduce instrument playing. I guess it wasn’t in the budget.
      I finally pursued the desire to learn to play cause I wanted to play the songs I liked and make up my own stuff. Got a special deal at the Guitar store got a quality dreadnought guitar with a case for $400. Took lessons four 10 week courses learned the basics and progressed to intermediate level and as a bonus the dude teaching the class showed me how to read musically notes.
      Then I just had to start going to graduate school so I didn’t have the time to take more advance guitar lessons but kept practicing once in a while…..

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      • Hello True George,

        I am surprised that your YouTube channel has not be removed because of copyright strikes yet, you are fortunate, it is cool that you have some videos showing old vinyl records being played.

        It sounds like you had a nice little musical journey there, maybe you will start playing again one day in the future.

        -John Jr

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        • They tried too I didn’t have a choice but to link it to my g mail account otherwise the videos would have been lost…
          A modest musical journey limited to the listeners point of view. I used to do mixed tapes also however I never DJ’ed. Otherwise I was just a listener and never had the opportunity to actually produce music or learn how to read music when I was younger

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