Too Busy For Parasites

I find that some people are parasites and they don’t really need help. They somehow want to manipulate you into providing the tools to do a deed that they can otherwise do for themselves but do not want too because you are always there to help. Well I have known such people. In my ignorance I have been manipulated in “helping” these people. But like Bob Marley said. “..When your night turns to day, all of the people will run away…” That’s right; I cut ties with those people. There is nothing that would be gained in keeping a friendship with the type of people who are always looking for help. I see them when I see them and when I do see them and they ask why I don’t see them any more then I say to them that I’m too busy I have lots of things going on; I hope they detect that I’m saying I don’t want to be bothered with you; a far cry from the days of my younger self when I would out right tell them to fuck off.


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind helping people, in fact I can go further and say that those who benefited from my help will acknowledge it. Those types of people got back on their feet; it’s the ones that come back like a boomerang after you help them get out of a bind, they put themselves right back in that bind or some other bind. My response, “sorry I’m busy.” Those people are too toxic to deal with (

Sorry, I’m Busy

Tell us about a time when you should have helped someone… but didn’t.


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