Dora’s Incident


The therapist Joe was called in by the supervising Nurse Marge, she wanted the therapist to counsel two people. A patient who recently attempted to commit suicide and the Nurse who was on duty when the incident happened. The Nurse Ron is an immigrant from Poland who have been living and working in New York for a couple of years said Dora attempted to commit suicide during lunch. She stuffed bread down her throat; yet, somehow she alerted the staff that she was choking. By the time I got to her she was unconscious. I was very lucky to resuscitate her before brain damaged set in.  Man, when I used to work in a senior care home I used to see when they died. I expected them to die because of their advance age. But I have never dealt with someone who attempted suicide. This has shaken me up, and I believe the psych ward is traumatized because of Dora’s actions. Therapist Joe said Ron, it is good that you are talking about how you felt when the incident happened. I think that you are also traumatized, perhaps you should see the folks in the Employee Assistance Program, they will help you to sort out your feelings. But be aware that incidents like this happen here once in a while.

Joe went over to Dora to find out how she was feeling when she decided her suicide attempt. Dora is a long time patient in the unit. Dora was diagnosed as a borderline personality. Dora also have social anxiety.  Dora likes to be the center of attention and does things to seek attention; however, she does not like her fellow patients and she rarely interacts and speak with them. she has been a patient in the psych ward for the past five years. The unique thing about Dora is that she doesn’t have to be in the psych ward. Right now she is there by choice. She was told that the Psychologist said that she does not belong in the unit and that she could live among people. He recommended that she be transitioned into an assisted living home.  However, Dora refuses to leave the psych ward, yet the hospital isn’t putting pressure on her to leave. So to speak, Dora is in a self-imposed restrictive environment of the psych ward.

Dora has a history of attempted suicide and she also faked suicide attempts to get people to pay her some attention. Therapist Joe sat down with Dora and asked her about the incident. Dora said; I did not attempt to commit suicide. All I can remember is that I was eating then the next thing I know, I was on the floor and the staff was on top of me.  They told me that I lost conscience. Dora refused to acknowledge that she attempted to commit suicide. Yet, the attending caseworker that was present when the incident took place immediately spoke with Dora, and Dora admitted that she made a suicide attempt. She admitted she stuffed the bread down her throat to choke herself. However, when she felt the pain of not being able to breath. She got scared and alerted staff.  Now, she is telling Joe that she did not attempt to commit suicide. The only consolation that happen was that Dora wrote a note to Joe. The note stated “I’m depressed, I’m confused and I don’t want to hurt myself.”

Perhaps Dora needs to be in the psych ward; she won’t get the attention she gets living among everyday people. Most people would not put up with her antics and she will just emotional drain those around her.

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