Battle of Los Angeles

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The Battle of Los Angeles was a movie about efforts to save Los Angeles from an Extra-terrestrial invasion force. Basically it had a similar theme to the movie Independence; you know the one that made Will Smith into a superstar. Hollywood lack of originality is proven to be blatant. Anyway, I want you to keep this in mind that in reality there was indeed a real life Battle of Los Angeles. This battle took place during the early days of World War II on February 25th 1942.

Now according to the Los Angeles Times during the early morning hours the city was is a state of mass panic. It was fueled by reports of a Japanese air raid, the military let off the air raid warning sirens and ordered a mass blackout of the city, and then they began to light up the night sky with search lights and machine gun along with anti-aircraft fire. The firing of ammunition went on for several hours. When the guns finally went silent there was an expenditure of over 1,400 anti-aircraft shells, yet there was no evidence that there was an actually enemy attack.

The shooting first started when there were reports of unidentified flying objects (UFO). Troops that were stationed in Santa Monica began unleashing the .50 calibers and machine gun fire and it wasn’t too long before the coastal defense and other elements got involved adding anti-aircraft fire. Yet with all the search lights and firing of munitions all that was observed was the explosion of shells, smoke and the glare of the tracers in the night sky. Now we can understand that this incident took place two months after the attack on Pearl Harbor that there were jitters, however the only disclosure that no Japanese aircraft was actually observed came from the Coastal Artillery Corps; otherwise the gov’t has remained silent on what actually took place on that day even though the incident was witnessed by millions of residences in Los Angeles. Now thanks to declassified documents, the freedom of information act and insiders who have been involved in various governmental secret programs it is now known what actually took place on that day.

It has been confirmed that an UFO was indeed sighted. But it was not of Japanese origin; it was an extra-terrestrial aircraft. The craft was described as being a mother ship just hovering above the California coast, while the smaller ships that it carried were in the midst of conducting an operation. What the gov’t will not publicly admit is that the exact location of the extra-terrestrial mother ship was pin pointed and that the defensive fire was ineffective. The anti-aircraft shells and the other munitions did not penetrate the ET mother ship the munitions were just exploding around the E.T vassals. However the firing did not stop until the mother ship left.

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The insiders have said what actual happened was that the extra-terrestrials lost one of their aircraft earlier during the day in the ocean off the California coast. The mother ship showed up and the other smaller ships it carried were searching for the downed UFO. However before the arrival of the mother ship, the U.S government became aware of the UFO that went down in the ocean off the California coast. The Navy was dispatched to retrieve it. The UFO wreckage was taken to Roswell, New Mexico to the secret air base known as Area 51.

In essence what took place in Los Angeles which was really a one-sided battle if you really want to call it a battle. The US military took extreme defensive measures against an extra-terrestrial aircraft that was conducting a search and rescue mission looking for one of their own. The extra-terrestrial air craft did not return fire. Perhaps it was recognized that the type of weaponry used were ineffective and primitive by the extra-terrestrial standards.

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  1. Hello True George,

    I saw the film Battle: Los Angeles (2011) several years ago.

    Last year I saw this video about The Battle Of Los Angeles:

    I had heard about The Battle Of Los Angeles years before that though.

    Has anyone done any news reports on this new insider information and has anyone verified any of this, and do you have any links?

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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    • The second video that you posted mentioned some of the same things that I said. However they got some info wrong. The battle didn’t last an hour it went on for several hours. Also a Japanese submarine managed to fire missiles from the California coast a few days later. Anyway, a man named William Tompkins who was a pioneer of the space warden program witnessed the battle. Also insider Corey Goode suggested that the UFO may have been conducting a rescue operation after losing one of their aircraft. But the US gov’t recovered the wreckage before the arrival of the mother ship. Some of the technology was backed engineered…..

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