Big & Little Cats

big cats

During my time, I’ve spent a lot of time on military reservations to be exact over 24 years. Most military reservations are totally independent and may not be on the grid like the surrounding towns and cities. They have their own Police and fire personal; they have their own power generating stations. So, when there is a black out of electricity because of a storm, or any other reason. The military reservation will not be affected. The military reservations are old and in some places part of the reservation was used as a battle field during the American Revolution and Civil wars. Many military reservations were used as centers to ship troops off to war. Perhaps basic training was conducted on a military reservation at one time or the other. Whatever activity that took place on most military reservations involved expressing a lot of high emotions. When it comes to emotions depending how strong the emotion was, it can leave an imprint on the environment. This can vary from the re-playing of the highly charged emotional event to   feeling the highly charged emotion. Empathic people will be aware of this. Also, I find that in the middle of winter no matter how cold the temperature gets, it is always colder on the military reservation. Likewise, during the summer; no matter how hot it gets the temperature on the military reservation is always hotter. Rain/snow storms, and windy days are no exception. So when having a dream or out of body experience while being on a military reservation usually yields interesting results then it would be under normal conditions.

Let’s kick it off with this experience which took place on a military reservation somewhere in the Mid-Western part of the U.S:

It was one of those days in the field where I didn’t have to do much except wait for the firing sections to expend their ammunition before I go around re-supplying them and retrieving the dunnage. There is something about the woods and how relaxing it is to be out there. This made me fall I was asleep in the five-ton truck. I had dreamt that I was in a house; the hallway looked the one in the house that I grew up in. I saw two cats; one was white, and the other one resembled the cat that I presently have at home, a grayish color. The two cats were together, they were being feed, then something happened, the white cat had its claws out. I saw my hand reach out to the cat; the cat would not let me touch it. Its claws had struck me on my hand when I reached out to touch the cat. I pulled my hand away and pushed the cat away with my foot. Then I saw two larger cats. One was a leopard, and the other was lioness. The lioness was tranquil but wanted to attack the white cat. I did not allow the attack to take place; I saw that I had tied up the lioness. The leopard was fast, I saw the leopard jump on top of the white cat, but the white cat was fast and moved in front of the leopard. However, the leopard struck its paw and sized the white cat and ate it. The move was quick and precise.

The scene shifted to a house. It looked as though I wanted to make contact with the homeowner; however, the homeowner could not be found. I saw two women; I knew one of them had something to do with the owner of the house. I saw them both in my private investigator office. (In the dream, I appeared as a private investigator) As we went to the front door of the house, I wanted to see who the women were. I went up to one of the women and I took off her Vail and I saw her face (no conscience memory of the woman’s features), I said “you are beautiful” and I made an attempt to kiss her. I did not see the face of the other woman; she was also wearing a Vail. I did not see if we actual went inside the house because I had woke up…

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