Musical Notes


I have heard interviews from musicians who have wrote a song that became a huge hit say that they heard the tune in their sleep. An example of this is the big tune “Yesterday” written by Paul McCartney and performed by his band The Beatles; he said that the sound came to him in his dream and lucky for him that he had a piano in his room so as soon as he woke up he went to the piano and played the tune and translated it into musical notes on sheet. He did it before the dream experience faded away. Well I’ve had a similar experience, but unfortunate for me I wasn’t a musician and had no concept of writing down musical notes. The setting where the dream took place didn’t do much justice for me to at least go to the computer and open up one of those musical instrument apps find the sound, and let it create the musical notes.

The setting of this particular dream took place on that military reservation in the Mid-West. While I was getting a lift to the barracks from the field, this dream occurred:

I was looking at a computer monitor the screen was showing a set of piano keys in a circle. There were other keys, a set above the keys in a circle, and a set of keys on both sides of the circle, there was also a set of keys below the circle. I started to play the piano keys which was surprising because I don’t know how to play the piano. When I started to play I heard music, and then I started to play them in sequence. I heard a specific tune that I developed. Consciously, I have not heard that tune before. The colors in the monitor were blue, yellow, green and various other colors mixed together. I did not see the end of this dream because my hand had hit somebody and I woke up when he had moved it….

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  1. Hello True George,

    I hate it when I hear or even play fictional music in a dream and can not remember it after waking up.

    That is interesting that you were able to play the piano in the dream even though you do not know how to play in real life, this probably happened to me as well but with guitar, and maybe once with a piano but I can not remember.

    I hope that one of us will remember one of these dream songs one day.

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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