The Dormitory


After recording this dream experience and reading what was written; a thought provoking observation came to mind. This made me realize that events could be based on where you are at the moment. The setting, the characters that appear in the dream could resemble those who you interact with on an everyday basis. Plus those who you’ve never seen before but came across during the day; and after the interaction you have with that particular person you may never see them again the rest of your days. Yet a representation of that person could appear in your dream. All of it mixed together and some sort of theme that is cooked up by the subconscious gives you a vivid experience. I don’t know whether theme in this experience was a message from the higher self-attempting to give some sort of message. But there may be a moral to this dream experience.

This dream took place in the barracks area of that military reservation in the Mid-West under normal conditions. At least in my world because what we do and how we do things in the military may not be a normal condition for those who have no day to day military experience. Anyway I saw that I was in a college campus dormitory, and that I was one of the first students who had reported to the dormitory.  The student dormitory appeared as the barracks that I am staying in here at this Mid-Western military reservation. It wasn’t too long before the other students started to arrive. When the other students started to come in they appeared to be members of the unit. The only difference was that some of the students that appeared were female.  Like the barracks the student dormitory was an open bay and the place to hang clothes resembled the one in the barracks. I saw that I had two spaces. I also saw that I was bunking with someone that resembled PFC B. As to why he was a prominent figure in the dream is still a mystery to me?  I saw the clothes that I got, it was a bunch of shirts I hung them up in one area. I had to make room for my bunk mate so that he could hang up his clothes also. The pants and other clothes were put into the second location.

At the foot of the bed were desks and chairs. There was a computer in the dormitory; I mentioned to the other students that I would put a code in the computer so that no one else can get access to it. Then the scene shifted, I was doing some work on the computer, it was a type of program with a black screen. As I was working on the program, some people that I did not know asked for access to the computer, I refused to give them access. Then I saw someone that I knew, he also wanted access to the computer; and I gave him limited access. However, I did not see the type of program that he was being accessing; he had his own password to get on to the system. I was shown things about the system that I did not know. Then the scene shifted again.

The scene became a student club. The club appeared to be the same one as the one on this Mid-Western military reservation. It is known as the Community Center Club. The servers at the club were a Koran family. The head of the family appeared to be the Koran man that I had met earlier at the Community Club. In reality he is in the Korean Army, his unit was participating in training at the Mid-Western Military reservation. In the dream the Korean family was serving the food and drinks, while the music was playing. There was an argument in the back room; everyone went to see what was going on. The Korean man’s wife was arguing with the daughter, apparently the daughter was pregnant. It seemed that the family did not want to take care of the daughter because she is pregnant. I tried to take the pregnant woman by the hand and to tell her to come with me and I would guide her to the programs that might be able to help her, but the parents prevented me from doing so; they said that it was their problem. They told the pregnant woman (the daughter) to go and use the American dream and way of life to take care of her. Everyone in the club thought that it was a cruel thing to say, and to let her go through the door by herself, but nobody stopped and offered any type of assistance…..

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