Erotic Seduction: States

erotic states

In Erotic Seduction ( we left off at the concept that the states that we experience such as, attraction, lust, passion, hate…etc. are states of process that takes place within the mind and that they can be summoned forth and directed at will. This lead us to altered and external states.

 Altered states

 Using the subconscious to create specific types of emotional states and new environmental means altering a person’s perception of reality, this is what happens within the field of erotic hypnosis, or even hypnosis in general. A perceived reality can be altered in different ways, and it will provoke certain subjective experiences depending on the depth of the intervention, changes or alterations will happen.

External states

An external state is when you substitute some or parts of your existing senses; we are talking about the visual, audio, and kinesthetic with another existing system or parts of another existing system. With hypnosis, a type of altered state or subjective experience can be used for this purpose. Someone goes to a hypnotist, and the hypnotist gives an induction where it is suggested that that the person see the most irresistible and beautiful person in front of them; when in reality the object in front of him or her is a dummy. It seems that this is amazing when a person in a trance state cannot tell the difference between a live person or a plastic dummy. From the point of view of the scientists, there is only one thing that makes it possible; and it not only gets rid of fears and in a stage setting entertain.

With hypnosis; one can install a suggestion that somebody famous is by their side, it can be done when the subject is in trance or as a post hypnotic suggestion. The subconscious will create the image of that famous person, and the subject will see that famous person as he would if that famous person were to make a personal appearance.  The object will talk or even shake hands with that famous person if the hypnotist suggestions or post hypnotic suggestion lead the subject to do so. You may ask yourself, if this is possible how can it be used to project onto our sexual partner our ideal of beauty? Let’s look at an example. If you are a man and your ideal beauty is a woman that looks like Beyonce (singer in the group Destiny child), you will probably sleep with her if you were assured that you would not feel as though you will betray or cheat on your girlfriend or wife. After sleeping with Beyonce for a couple of weeks, you want to move on to another beauty, let’s say Ms. America, or even that sexy next-door neighbor; then it wouldn’t be hard to consider the unlimited possibilities of hypnosis in regards to human sexuality, and relationships.

Altered states that has an external reference can affect other senses; as you think about this remember a time when you were at a hypnosis show and a subject was told to eat an apple when actually the subject is biting into an onion. For the subject, the onion is a juicy apple and taste good, until the subject is brought back and is told what he has been really eating. Lets go further, one can post hypnotically a condition that  a person is tasting an apple every time he bites an onion even when the person is in a conscious state, knowing and is aware what he is actually biting into. Yes this type of conditioning could be used when dealing with weight loss, however we can use the same process and apply it to other aspects.

The aspect that I am referring to is within applications of sexual context. The scents and fluids produced by two people during love making can be transformed into delicious tastes and smells that agrees with our personal preferences that is chosen on a conscious or unconscious level. The sound of your partner’s voice can be adjusted to a lower or higher pitch, making the voice of your partner more appealing. In all cases the subconscious has taken in the information that the five senses had captured; and modify that information to fit your preferences into something that feels comfortable for you.

Altered states with an internal reference that leaves the information taken in by the five senses intact. It may change the kinesthetic feelings or emotions that are involved or that we attach to a particular system, so that a shift in our value system occurs. We can say that the real magic starts to happen when the subconscious is provoked through suggestion to take what is imprinted wipe it out and replace it with something else. In other words, it is possible to fall in love with a plastic object given the correct hypnotic conditioning. Taking this a little further, if you were to given the right suggestions, you may find that a plastic dummy will be more appealing than your ideal concept of beauty, even if the person who fits that ideal concept of beauty were to be standing next to the plastic dummy. Doing this is difficult to accomplish at least in theory, then it is if it were to be done through the external reference. In part because the subconscious would have to create some sort of condition that is not rational to the conscious. In practice, it is possible if the hypnotist is skilled in trance work.

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