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Word Press has really disappointed me when comes to the freedom of speech. It came to my attention when one of my fellow bloggers John jr posted something that got my attention. It was something that appeared in the World Press tavern titled Word Press boots Sandy Hook conspiracy theory sites, bans malicious publication of unauthorized use of minors. In essence there was a hoopla when a world press blog called Fellowship Of The Mind (FOTM) put up a post calling the events at Sandy Hook elementary school a gov’t engineered hoax and put up a picture of victims. Well one of the victim’s family took offense and claimed that the use of the photo was a copyright infringement even though the photo was used by countless of news outlets and media platforms. What was also surprising to me that the New York Times called out Word Press as being keep sake for “Sandy Hook” lies.

New York Times a prominent news publication would criticize another outlet for being the server of a site that gives another point of view on news stories, events and perhaps questions the information that many people are being fed from the news groups like the New York Times and the Police and even the gov’t. Is the perspective the sites like FOTM puts out is valid or have any merit? Perhaps not or perhaps they do have the right to question any and everything. True_George has said it once and will say it again. If you are attending a school or join an organization who tells you that the information or their point of view is absolute and cannot be questioned. You should immediately leave that school and get your tuition refunded. Separate yourself from that organization and find another one that encourages questioning the information, doctrines and events.

But deep down when I head that Word Press has joined the band wagon of censoring content; I wasn’t particularly surprised because I have seen it before. In fact I could tell ya, that I was a victim of this type of censorship. A while ago I used to be the owner and moderator of a Yahoo Group called Mind Focus. The group touched on a variety of topics like mind control, seduction, propaganda, Nuero Linguistic Programing (NLP), extraterrestrials as well as scratching the surface of ethnic issues covering white supremacy, black nationalists, Zionism, religious dogma. Some discussions were heated and flaming. It was progressively coming along. Then one day out of the blue the group was deleted. There were no warnings, there were no notice that the group was in any danger to be deleted. They just threw the switch and that was that.

What Yahoo was doing was to purge its groups of groups that have seduction, politics, and general controversial themes from its ranks. It was doing it one by one, but since my group covered a variety of topics I didn’t think that it would be targeted. It was and now here on Word Press they could not stand the heat so they joined in and got on the band wagon with others like Facebook, you tube, Instragram etc in censoring content. Hench, every blog is subjected to censorship. But the thing is Word Press won’t just remove the post that it deems noncompliance with its policies; they will delete the whole blog. So now True_George is wondering if Word Press will go on an active witch hunt?

Well freedom of speech is being regulated everywhere we go, so I suggest back up all your posts; especially the creative stories, because if the Word Press watch dogs decides that your blog is on the chopping block because some smock made a complaint then at least you won’t lose content. Just find another host and carry on.


  1. I fully agree about not being a part of anything that claims it’s truth is absolute. Blind faith. Without questioning there’s no growth, not for the individual nor the organization. It’s like they’re saying don’t look too deep or you might find real truth and the flaws in our logic. Also, that’s messed up that your blog was shut down. We’re supposed to have freedom of speech, but apparently that doesn’t apply to the internet.

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  2. Hello True George,

    Thank you for the shout-out, and for making this post.

    I am not liking some of the cultural shifts that seem to be going on, which makes me feel a bit old and conservative, there are some good shifts but some seem to be heading in a bad and dangerous direction that will open the doors for even worse things by making it easier for certain groups / people to implement their plans and expand their control / manipulations et cetera.

    I agree with your comments about being wary of those who like to claim absolutes and hinder critical thinking et cetera.

    I am sorry to hear that you also faced deletion in the past without warning or reason et cetera, I lost everything on YouTube when my first channel got deleted, and my blog got deleted once but fortunately restored it within a few hours after I reported their mistake.

    I think that bans and deletions of entire blogs should only be done for special serious cases, and that temporarily making the offending content private until it is fixed and / or just deleting the offending content only should be the standard approach after you warn people and let them know what is the problem and make your rules clear to everyone.

    Hopefully we will survive the fall down the slippery slope, it is getting more slippery.

    -John Jr

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      • Hello True George,

        That is a good question.

        I am not sure about here at, but in the recent past I heard of adult websites coming under increasing attack by banks / companies like Paypal / Patreon / Tumblr / et cetera.

        Some are refusing them bank accounts and removing their bank accounts et cetera, some are refusing to let them receive donations, some are making their websites unviewable by people who are not logged in with an account, some are refusing to do business with them, some are refusing to host their websites / domains, some are refusing to let them advertise or make money through advertising on their websites or to even have ads on their websites, some are making their content not show up in search results, et cetera.

        The adult websites probably started quietly getting hit first or at least earlier on various services, and it may get worse if this new trend continues to gain steam and as companies / et cetera flex their power / control and expand it with more media / social / government / et cetera support egging them on.

        -John Jr

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