Coming back to the crib after working at my gov’t bureaucrat job laid down to get some rest when the following dream occurred.

I was driving my car and I parked it up a few feet away from my building; then I saw a car just moved out of a space in front of the building next to my building. I wanted to park as near to my building as possible I drove the car to that space. After I parked the car in that spot and got out of the car, one of the people that were hanging out on the stoop said that I hit a boy who was at the edge of the curb. It turned out that I had brushed the boy’s knee. There was no physical damage to the leg except that he a cut on his knee. The people on the stoop were making a big deal out of the situation because they wanted to get some money from my insurance company. They did not know that my insurance had expired, so I had to play out the event.

 The boy’s mother was not around so the neighbors took it on themselves to talk for the boy. However everyone saw that the boy only had a cut on his knee and that there was nothing-medically wrong. The boy was upset so when a cop was passing by, he called the cop and told the cop what happened. The cop asked for my driver’s license; he ran a check on the license and saw that the license was good; he gave me back the license and told the people that there was nothing that he could do.

 As I turned to go into my building the Cop placed something on my back. When I went upstairs a woman who was talking for the boy followed me into the building complaining. After that we started to talk about other things, and then we started to get romantic towards each other, when I walked her outside, I saw more cops around my car and they were searching it. I saw my two brothers, they were also around the car; I asked the cops what is going on but they would not tell me. Then I saw that they were looking in the trunk; and then they came and said that they were arresting me. Still they would not say why. The cop that came to put me in the police van was a cop that I knew; he said he would find out why I was arrested. Once in the van the police said that they had found drugs in my car.

I told them it was impossible. Once we were at the police station, they found that I did not fit the profile of a drug user; they tested me for drug use and they had got some of my records from the military that told them that I came out clean when I underwent the mandatory drug testing. So they came to the conclusion that the drugs that were found in my car were planted.

 The Cops saw that the trunk lock on the car was one of the easiest ones to pick. They released me pending an investigation. Back on the block, the neighbors were upset to see that I was released. My father was also on the block, and he said that he was ready to take the consequences if I decided to leave. I went into the building next to mine because I had a date with the woman that I was speaking with earlier. Then I was called from the building because of a commotion; when I came outside of the building I saw a crowd gathering; they were mad that I was not in prison; some started to shoot at me, so I got a gun and shot back, the difference was that I was trained and with each bullet I shot I hit a target; I did not shoot to kill I only to wound.

 Someone tried to shoot me from behind but he missed and hit my car shattering the car window. He missed me, but I didn’t miss him. I shot and wounded him. Then I made my getaway, with the cops in pursuit.

© 2018 All Rights Reserved

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