Scary Building Style

Before laying down, I was on one of my social groups. This time, it was a group showing pictures of their school, some pictures were from the 1950’s to present.

My thoughts were that the schools in my hometown look kind of scary, many were of a gothic style and other institutions in general were built using that red brick. Don’t know if it was because those bricks are cheap, or if they are sturdy structures. Any way the building lack style.

The dream that developed out of this activity was kind of distorted. All I saw was that there was a group of us, and we were in a place that resembled the primary school that I used to go too as a youngster.

We were there at night doing some sort of activity, sneaking around going to floors that were off limits. But I did not get a sense of the goal. The strange thing is, that my primary school did not have more than one floor.

The building that resembled my primary school in this dream had more than one floor. With the stair wells that looked like my High School stair wells, and at times I saw a resemblance of the High School’s fourth floor.

But when I saw some of the people exit the building where we were in, the exit gate looked like my primary school’s exit so did the school ground gate and street where my primary school was located; it looked exactly like it does in the real world.

But overall, the events in this dream was too distorted for me to make any conscience sense out of it.

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