Cars & Driving

E. M’s Sunday Rambles # 6

Cars and Driving

We all had a first car. What year, make, and model was your first car?

My first car was a white manual (stick-shift) transmission, 1976 Ford Pinto.

I brought the 1976 Ford Pinto from a friend around 1985, for a grand total of $250.00.

The Pinto was a very reliable car, it never broke down, but it was kind of dangerous when the road was wet. If you didn’t apply the brakes correctly, the car would do a 360-degree spin.  

Little did I know that learning the skill to prevent the car from going 360 degrees, and the times when the car actually started spinning around in circles to counter act it and straighten the car back up; it was training that would later serve me as an essential skill that was used during my time in the National Guard driving the 2 ½ ton trucks, the 5-ton truck and the Humvee. Notorious vehicles that were prone to flip over, and skid out.

The car was eventually totaled when it got hit by another car at a stop sign. The Pinto’s pure steel car body protected me from sustaining injuries.

If you won the lottery, would you buy your dream car and what kind would it be? If you do not care to talk about cars, how would you spend your lottery money?       

Can’t say that my focus will be buying a dream car if I won the lottery. Sure, I may get something that is expensive, or perhaps may have multiple dream cars. But owning a car would not be a priority.

What would I spend the money on, apart from real estate and getting into some type of business, I really don’t do the dollar and a dream thing and don’t play the lottery to even develop an unrealistic fantasy of being a lottery winner?

The Transporter (hauling other people and going from point A to point B), Gone in 60 Seconds (fast!), or Driving Miss Daisy (Slow)? (This would be examples of your driving style.)

Well, over the years, things have changed. First it was “gone in 60 seconds.” That resulted in numerous moving violation tickets, suspended licenses, and one point the state tried to revoke my driver’s license.  I hired a Lawyer to get the license from being revoked.  But the behavior had to stop because insurance was getting hard to get.

Cleaned up my act and as of today, my license is clean and I’ve had no moving violations in over twenty years.

Which is your preference to drive on: Interstate, Freeways, or Back Roads?

I suppose as long as there is freedom on the road; it really doesn’t matter…

Pick your favorite famous car on television.

Hands down, if you’ve ever watched the show Supernatural then you know it’s Sam & Dean Winchester’s 1967 Chevy Impala.


  1. Highways often have multiple lanes divided by a median barrier or wide grassy strip. This separation helps in managing traffic flow and minimizing the risk of head-on collisions.


  2. Great post! If I won the lottery (which I don’t do though), I’d fix up my Nissan Sunny as I’ll really miss him – but it really would take lottery money now unfortunately.

    My first 2 cars were Ford Cortinas – the first was short-lived (I only had it 6 months before it was condemned but it was given to me). The second was a Cortina MkIV 2.0 S (very rare sports model) and I kept him (Robert) for nearly 40 years and then I sold him to an enthusiast who is hopefully doing him up.

    My driving style is not just fast but also impatient – I hate getting held up. I think the cars prefer to go fast anyway as it keeps your engine nice and clean. As I’m 64 now, I’m not sure I’ll ever become ‘driving Miss Daisy’ type slow.

    I probably prefer motorway driving or any other fast road.

    And finally, my favourite TV car: THE GENERAL LEE! Yee-haa! 🙂

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    • Wow, you kept a car for 40 years. The most I had a car was for five years. At one point I had a different car every year.
      I suppose we do get attached to the car we love. But like a lover, sometimes we have to part ways with that car for one reason or another.
      I’ve learned over time that one should be patient when driving in a place like New York City even on the open highways and back roads defensive driving keeps you out of accidents. There are lots of ignorant drivers on the road. Even the driving miss Daisy type drivers get tickets for being too slow and holding up traffic.
      The General Lee is a great car to use on those back roads.


      • I wish they’d ticket the slowbies here but they never do. They cause real problems as our country and our roads is really overcrowded and you see miles of tailbacks behind them and nobody seems to have the gumption to overtake! They even don’t overtake agricultural tractors and bicycles here!

        I’ve had my favourite car, the Nissan Sunny, 24 years now (bought as an ex-hire car at 3 years old) – that’s the car which has unfortunately rusted away after twice around the clock.

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  3. That’s so cool! I had a 1972 Pinto that was brown, and I traded a Nintendo 64 for it 😀 I never got to drive it though due to the fact that I had no idea how to drive a manual vehicle back then. I have never watched Supernatural, but that is one beautiful piece of machinery 🙂 It reminds me of its sister/brother, the Chevelle. I have always thought they were gorgeous. Thanks for joining me again in the rambles, True_George! I always enjoy reading your answers…because of how you express them. Have a great week! I hope you had a good new year!

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    • Would you believe that someone told me that the Pinto used to explode if it was rear ended. The main reason Ford discontinued the model. Otherwise they were good low maintenance and reliable.
      You should check out Supernatural, it was a good series about the Winchester brothers who are Hunters, they were hunting the paranormal creatures such as werewolves, vampires, vengeful spirits, demons, shapeshifters..etc.
      Their car the 1967 Chevy Impala had some muscle. In general that car is all analog mechanics. No computer regulating systems, and no computer chips.
      Thanks for the complement…

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