Sharia Law

Well, this experience started out with me bringing in a car to an auto body shop. It seemed that someone keyed the car. There was a scratch on the door. I felt like I was being a perfectionist and insisted that the scratch had to be painted over.

While the car was getting a makeover, there were some kids kicking a ball around. Then they accidentally kicked the ball over to the garage where I was. I kicked the ball back to them.

Then I saw a building that looked like it was in the stages of being renovated. But, I heard that the building was that way for the past three years, since the last hurricane disaster. The kids were using the crane as a swing.

 I took a walk to the grocery store. While walking, I noticed some guys wearing traditional Arab clothing. The color of the clothing was black, and the guys wearing the traditional black Arab clothing were forcing another man into a car.

The man that was being forced into the car was shouting, “don’t let them take me, I didn’t do anything!” After the men dressed in the traditional black Arab clothing finished forcing the other man into the car, it sped away. I really didn’t pay it any mind, because what was going on was none of my business.

When I got to the grocery store, it was large and I saw that people were being taken in the back.  The store itself resembled a supermarket, selling meat, regular groceries, like milk, eggs, etc. It even had some sort of café, where customers can lounge around.  

I was at the café when two people that looked like the guys wearing the traditional black colored Arab clothing, that were forcing the man into the car approach my table. They were polite and greeted me with the day’s greeting. I greeted them back.

They were standing next to me while I was checking my E-mail messages on my cell phone. Then a third one came, he tapped me on the shoulder then they said, “now it’s time,” that I should come with them.

I refused to go with them. I don’t know who they were. They explained to me that in this part of town, sharia law was in effect and that I was in violation and need to be judged.

I told them that the last time I checked this is New York City and that there is no sharia law. They said, “look around, everyone is subjected to sharia law enforcement.” They also said that I have no choice but to come with them.

I called 911 and asked for Police assistance because I’m being kidnapped by unknown people. I told the Police we’ll be waiting for them on the corner.

The Police showed up, I told them that these people (the men wearing the black-colored traditional Arab clothing) are attempting to kidnap me to enforce some type of sharia law.

It’s not that I had feelings of trust for the police; but, I feel less trust for religious zealots and their goons. The Police and the Arab dressed men were talking about who had jurisdiction and who is supposed to enforce the law.  

Then the scene changed to that of showing the sharia law court. The sharia law judge appeared. He was sitting at a table inscribing notes in a large book. I asked the sharia law judge why does he want to see me.

The judge looked in his book and said that when I kicked that ball back to the kids, that I spat on the ground. That spitting on the ground is a violation of sharia law.  Then he asked me why I called the Police. I told him that his people were not law enforcers, that they are nothing but goons, and that they were attempting to kidnap me.

The sharia law Judge disagreed, and I told the sharia law judge that “whether you felt that they were just bringing me to you, by not telling me where I was being taken, or for what reason amounted to being kidnaped.”  

After that everything became too distorted to make any conscience sense. I never heard a judgment, however, the Police told them that they are the law enforcers…

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  1. Unfortunately, I could see that one day being the future! And, from what I’ve seen when visiting Arab countries, the men wear nice, cool, convenient white robes and make their women dress head to toe in suffocating, hot, nasty, thick black costumes!

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